EV Charger Production Model: Dodge Teases New Release

Recent Dodge Video Reveals Look-Alike Charger Daytona EV Concept

This holiday season, Dodge has created a 15-second teaser of a two-door red car, instilling a hint of mystery. Keep your eyes peeled at the five-second mark – what may appear to be the concept car version of the Charger Daytona looks rather different. Perhaps, this sneaky peek can help us to envision a possible production prototype?

We reached out to Dodge for an official response, but they declined to comment. All we have to go on is this short video of a car driving through the snow, with the disclaimer at the bottom reading: “Preproduction model shown for illustration purposes only. Available late 2024.”

The grille is hexagonal, rather than the circular one from the concept.It appears we are getting a look at something novel, and an official timeline has been established as to when this automobile will be released. There can be no questioning that this is the updated Charger; bearing a striking resemblance to the original presented in 2022. Every aspect of this model exudes aggression: from the sculpted hood, right down to the squared off chin along its beltline. Although, something has shifted- if you take a closer look at the headlights, they are perhaps better described as the spherical shape. Additionally, the property of the grille has modified to a hexagonal structural element, compared to the prototype’s former circular structure.

That’s extra fascinating contemplation as the present Charger does not have circular headlamps. The Charger Daytona concept doesn’t either, however the current Challenger does. Could this be a suggestion for the fresh Challenger? Does it suggest that the Charger could possibly get round lights? Or is this basically a foggy sketch of the concept that causes square lamps to appear spherical? We’ve got several puzzling queries and unfortunately, they aren’t getting addressed soon.

We will include these queries amongst the conjecture concerning whether a combination of internal combustion and electric versions may arise during the upcoming generation. Initially, Dodge informed us that the new Charger would be solely electric; yet, this preliminary report has subsequently been diluted to silence. Although there is decreasing interest in EV’s, and some governments are retreating from their ambitious schemes towards electric cars, it is feasible that a Charger reinforced with a ‘Hurricane’ motor could exist next to a 900-horsepower electric Banshee in the not too distant future.

Source: Dodge

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