New Alpine A110 R Model Now More Affordable

Cost of $114,000 USD Still Applies

We have witnessed many different versions of the mid-engine Alpine A110 ever since its introduction approximately seven years before. Presenting a new option to the lineup is the A110 R Turini, effectively offering an attainable yet costly alternative compared to the top range model.

The distinction between the A110 R Turini and its predecessor is the exclusion of carbon fiber wheels. Instead, this model now offers 18-inch alloys with a matte black appearance. However, this substitution does not make it any more affordable.

In France, the fresh A110 model is made available with a retail cost of €106,000, which equates to around $114,000 by present day exchange rates. If you decide to acquire the R version, you’ll be shelling out an immense €112,000 (about $121,000).

It keeps hold of the 1.8-litre petrol motor of the A110 R, evolving it into an energetic 300 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque configuration, by making use of the exact same turbocharged four-cylinder engine which was earlier carried under the Renault Megane RS hot hatch. On the surface, this kind of capacity might not seem remarkable particularly when you consider how expensive this car is – however, remember that the rear wheel driven vehicle only weighs as much as a Miata RF.

The A110 R flagship model, boasting carbon fiber wheels that reduce the weight by a whopping 75 pounds (34 kilograms), weighs in at a mere 2,385 pounds (1,082 kilograms). This Turini version features the same carbon front hood, engine cover, front blade, rear wing, and diffuser as the original R.

It’s not essential to break the bank in order to drive an A110. The base form initiates at €65,000 ($70,000), followed by the GT costing €76,000 ($82,000) and the S at €77,500 ($84,000). Demand for the car has never been so ardent; 2022 proved to be a landmark year and all hints demonstrate 2023 will be even more successful. In an effort to cope with the increasing orders, Dieppe’s plant is working at its highest capacity.

There is a promising sign that the lightweight sportscar might eventually come to the United States. Renault is currently in talks with AutoNation, the biggest automobile dealership company in the country, regarding selling the A110 here. Should that negotiation fail, according to Luca de Meo, Renault’s boss, other alternative arrangements can be made so as to ensure its coming over.

In the interim, images captured indicate that Alpine is constructing a hotter variant designated R. A trial model encountered at the Nürburgring revealed an outrageous aerodynamic kit, most likely among additional enhancements.

Source: Alpine

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