Assess Potential V12 For 812 Replacement With Ferrari Roma Test Mule

Debut of the Supercar: Coming Soon!
Ferrari Roma V12 Roma Test Mule Spied Hiding V12 Engine For 812 Superfast Successor Pure V12 Sound

A newly-released spy footage provides proof that Ferrari is still establishing an unnamed supercar. The strange tailpipes and loud exhaust tone insinuate that there may be a V12 motor within the vehicle, which seems likely to drive the manufacturer’s follow-up to the 812 Superfast.

The video shows the test mule running on open roads accompanied by its melodic engine roar. The two-door car is draped in a full camouflage overlay, preventing us from gaining a clear view the upgraded mechanics that can be found inside of the vehicle’s sprawling Roma body, specifically the extended nose, meant to obscure the powertrain.

Rumours circulating imply that this trial vehicle has a V12 engine, as opposed to the expected twin-turbocharged 3.9L V8 found in most Roma models. Unfortunately, we’re not sure how much power the new powertrain will output but there’s talk of a stronger V12 being developed by the auto manufacturer.

It appears to be that the peak of the naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 motor produces 830 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque in the 812 Competizione model. There is a strong possibility that the next 812 iteration will generate more than 830 hp when it is unveiled, and it remains uncertain as to if Ferrari will supplement any sort of electric support to the venturam, which could lead to a thumbs up of its potency. The original 812 reportedly spits out 789 hp.

In May, spy shots emerged of the V12 supercar donning its production body. However, Ferrari had safeguarded its design by heavily wrapping it in cladding. No indication could be found that indicated any kind of electrification was present. Conversely, test vehicles outfitted with batteries often display warning stickers regarding the battery packs.

The images seen in May showed that the car would feature huge air intakes positioned near the front. The back, incomplete with absent ornamentation in the shots, exhibited a dissimilar tailgate shape, and seemed much more assertive than the aesthetics of the similar Roma.

Ferrari has yet to announce the release details of its 812 successor. This model initially made a debut in the 2017 Geneva Motor Show as an alternative to the F12berlinetta. In the beginning of this year, the automaker declared that four fresh models would be presented during 2023. At present, the Roma Spyder and SF90 XX were already released, whereas the remaining two may potentially encompass the 812 substitute as well as the firm’s innovatory hypercar. Hitherto, last month, Ferrari displayed the unique KC23 vehicular track.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube

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