Future Cars: Spy Shots – Oct 23, 2023

Cars to Look Out For: Audi R8, Porsche 911 GTS, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ferrari 812

Motor1.com seemingly publishes spy photos of forthcoming automobiles just about daily, even sometimes more regularly than that. To remain aware of the upcoming vehicles, have a look at this compilation of all the recent snippets of testing vehicles from the past week.

This Audi R8 appears as a much more aggressive adaptation of the GT3 racing car – in a version legal for public roads. Reportedly coming from the customizer Scherer Sport, it sports an immense back spoiler, a roof-mounted air intake and an intimidating snout. The prospects of this model remain yet unknown.

that generates a prodigious amount of power.The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is cruising fast around the Nürburgring. It sounds mightily ferocious, especially given the downward-facing exhaust pipes. Apparently, it houses a 5.5-liter V8 which yields an impressive amount of horsepower.

It does have classic Ferrari cues such as two large round headlights, slats on the grille and arching sides.Ferrari has been working on a brand-new grand touring auto. While still masked with covered panels, it’s rather simple to make out the model’s silhouette. Perceiving from the configuration, this is speculated to be the successor of the 812. It follows the traditional Ferrari trademarks, featuring two large circular headlamps, latticework bars in the grille, with arch-shaped flanks.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has seen considerable success with its sales, reflected by a 21 percent growth in deliveries from January to September in comparison to the same time frame in 2020. An upgraded version of this vehicle is now up for launch, featuring an altered front fascia. The concealment of further details keeps the rest of the updates a mystery for the moment.

Spy photographers based in South Korea discovered this new, exposed variant of Kia’s Carnival recently on the streets. It sports a totally revamped head-on fascade with contemporary upstanding headlights and an altered grille system. The back is equipped with taillights complementing the front ones, and across its middle lies a renewed light bar.

This clandestine recording manages to snap a heavily concealed Kia K5 while testing, though what’s within is more noteworthy. The footage grants a brief view inside the modernized interior.

2025 Kia K5 Facelift US Spec with new face spotted on the road | 기아 K5

We are still eagerly anticipating Porsche’s unveiling of the spiffed up 911 range, and the automaker is taking off the protective covering from the test cars. This one bears just a small amount of disguise, providing us with an awesome view of the dynamic front air vents.

The recently revised Porsche Taycan is advanced in its development, and not much of its exterior is hidden with camouflage. One of the significant alterations to the EV lies in its front, outfitted with a sleek design featuring flush-mounted headlights.

Just recently, after getting an eyeful of the Supra GRMN in spy shots, the vehicle has been seen at work on the Nürburgring and is making a whole lot of noise! The car has a decidedly sportier-looking front end boasting larger grilles and a far more aggressive-looking rear.

2025 Toyota Supra GRMN Prototype With Manual Gearbox Starts Testing At The Nürburgring

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