Aston Martin Opens Park Ave Flagshop in New York

Wealthy Clients Gather for Aston Martin Bespoke Builds

Aston Martin has unveiled its inaugural ultra-luxurious flagship outlet on Park Avenue in New York City. The depot, dubbed Q New York, occupies a spot in the city’s preeminent address and promises to deliver a novel encounter for patrons of Aston Martin.

For the first time, the prestigious Q service from the automaker is being made available directly to affluent Americans, enabling them to create their own tailored sports car in a swank and luxurious setting. Undoubtedly, the most remarkable aspect of Q New York has to be the humongous 35×10-foot LED wall that gives customers the chance to construct their highly desired automobile in actual size.

Reclining in splendor, individuals will be capable of envisage their customized Aston Martin on the 360-degree configurator, browse through numerous colors and leather possibilities, and see the car in many digital settings. With this recent facility, Aston Martin states that it wishes purchasers to feel as if they could open the front door to their upcoming vehicle.

Aston Martin, based in Gaydon, is leveraging Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to combine “the sensorial touch and feel of physical color and trim samples with live configuration on screen.” This cutting-edge solution provides customers with a unique, interactive experience that brings their desired car to life. By touching the physical sample, customers can instantly see the corresponding digital color and trim options on their screen. This innovative approach allows them to explore the full range of customization options available, enabling them to create their perfect Aston Martin.

Furthermore, a live video link connecting Q New York and Aston’s design base ensures customers can easily voice their ideas and ask questions with the designers responsible for creating their custom-made British GT vehicle. In this way, Aston Martin is elevating the customer experience to the same level as that of MSO service by McLaren, Bentley’s Mulliner department or Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke division.

In addition to the leading feature, Aston Martin’s newest venue has been put together in such a way as to lure spectators in with its sophisticated décor, breathtaking architecture and sumptuous touches of detail. For an even more sensational effect, visitors can set their eyes upon newly released models such as the DB12 and the remarkable Valkyrie AMR Pro, enough to captivate any onlooker.

Various breathtaking British fixtures take center stage in New York, captivating onlookers with a gargantuan 2,100-light chandelier positioned beneath some of the largest ever glass panels incorporated into a structure in the city.

Customers of Q New York can look forward to much more than just ordering their dream car. The company offers a concierge service that promises “carefully curated high-end dining and overnight travel experiences” for its special customers. Even though the business is located 3,390 miles away from Gaydon, its success is essential to the success of the automaker.

America is still one of the major influences behind the success of Aston Martin. This year, the automaker registered just shy of two thousand sales in the US, making it responsible for 32% of their total volume and producing 28% of their global income.

In light of their upcoming releases, Q has made it a major priority to have a solid foothold in North America. Though the launch of Q New York may not seem noteworthy, this is definitely not your typical car dealership.

Luxury customers don’t just wish to acquire a car. Buying something like an Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce is an extraordinary experience; patrons want to be spoiled and embrace the lifestyle. Facilities such as these facilitate that.

Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin’s executive chairman, proclaimed that there was an “astounding 92% increase in take-up of Aston Martin cars in the Americas last year,” making it the fastest growing market for the bespoke carmakers. He went on to explain that Americans are passionate about customizing vehicles, and they would be more than willing to spend time and money to get their perfect car if they could do it in their own country while feeling connected to the craftspeople constructing it.

New York will also be the destination for product displays and debuts of Aston’s newest offerings. For those in the area, your chance to check out the top line should take place at 450 Park Avenue.

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