Aston Martin Weighs In On DBX707 LW

Easy Adjustments on DBX’s Platform Without Re-engineering.

Aston Martin is weighing up the possibility of manufacturing a more lightweight, pared-down variety of their DBX SUV, in line with CarExpert’s reports. Although the British high-end auto company hasn’t made any official declarations regarding this type of model, Andy Tokley, Aston Martin’s head of vehicle engineering, has stated that taking into account a secondary, lower-weight variant of the DBX had been factored in from Day One.

Tokley suggested that shedding some weight off the vehicle should be quite effortless. Replacing the back bench with two independent seats and getting rid of the usual glass roofing system and electric power blind could decrease the load on the super SUV by no less than 55 pounds (25 kilograms).

It bears mentioning that the Aston Martin weighs 220 lbs (100 kg) when fitted with its roof, and this has an effect upon the tuning of its Electronic Stability Program (ESP). However, by removing this mass, the car’s ESP tuning, as well as its overall performance, could be greatly enhanced.

As postulated by Tokley, the DBX has a modular chassis that can be tailored to alter its height and length. This unusually customizable architecture could produce a stripped-down edition of the SUV without needing to re-fashion the core underpinnings of the car.

Customers in search of a lightweight DBX with supreme performance ability may be attracted to this SUV. This can also be advantageous for Aston Martin, enabling them to rival the well-known Lamborghini Urus Performante and go for larger consumer reach while solidifying their position as upper-class car makers proficient at constructing top-tier automobiles.

The DBX707 is at present the top-tier choice of the DBX family. Boasting the same 4.0L V8 engine, it can now generate a maximum of 697hp as well as an impressive 663 lb-ft of torque (900 Nm). Furthermore, to accommodate the demands from Chinese consumers, the company has added another edition to the roster, that utilizes a six-cylinder inline motor.

Source: CarExpert

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