Audi A8 with ICE Engine Set to Remain Through 2027

New A8 electric model delayed, current version to remain in production for next three years.

According to a recent report from Germany, Audi plans to prolong the lifespan of the current Audi A8 by an additional three years. This decision reflects the company’s efforts to maintain the model’s relevance and appeal in the market.

According to Auto, Motor & Sport, the primary model is predicted to remain in production until 2027, and a subsequent update will be implemented to maintain its modern appeal. The brand’s state-of-the-art successor, an electric sedan (teased by the Grandesphere prototype), was initially scheduled to debut this year, but multiple setbacks have resulted in a three-year postponement. VW’s Cariad software department has been primarily attributed for the delay.

Due to this circumstance, the high-end brand in Ingolstadt will be forced to extend the lifespan of its large sedan, which continues to be a sought-after purchase in China. However, in the US market, it ranks as one of the poorest selling models under the Audi label, having only sold 2,259 units in 2023.

The A8’s popularity in China is a contributing factor to its continued production, as it shows no signs of discontinuation at this time. Despite rumors of its impending demise, the A8 remains a strong contender in the Chinese market, which has helped to sustain its presence in the automotive industry. The success of this luxury model in China has played a pivotal role in its ongoing production and further solidified its place in the marketplace.While speculations surrounding the A8’s fate have circulated, its strong performance and demand in China have proven to be the ultimate deciding factors in its continuation. With this significant market share, the A8 has proven its worth and emerged as a top choice for luxury car buyers in the region.In light of this, the A8’s persistence in production can be attributed to China’s growing economy and increasing demand for high-end vehicles. As more affluent consumers turn towards luxury brands, the A8’s reputation for quality, performance and prestige makes it an attractive option.Hence, it is evident that China’s impact on the A8’s success is undeniable. This isn’t just a testament to the country itself, but a reflection of the car’s superior design and appeal. As such, we can expect to see the A8 thriving in the

According to a spokesperson who spoke to a German publication, “there are currently no plans to discontinue production of the A8.” However, they declined to comment on the reason behind the decision to continue manufacturing the elegant sedan. In China, customers have the option to purchase the ultra-luxury Horch trim, which boasts similar luxury features to a Maybach. The demand for large luxury sedans with ample space remains high in China. The D5 generation of the A8 was first introduced in MY2019 and underwent a facelift in late 2021, garnering significant popularity.

Consequently, Audi is considering the possibility of implementing a second mid-cycle update for its models. With newer and more innovative competition from BMW and Mercedes already available in the market, Audi must modernize its high-end options in order to remain competitive with the 7 Series, S-Class, as well as their electric counterparts.

CarBuzz has reached out to Audi USA for further details and will post an update as soon as we receive a response.

It is important to highlight that Audi has implemented a similar approach with their Q7 SUV. In 2015, the second edition was unveiled and underwent its initial revision a couple of years later, with yet another one taking place recently for MY2025. While most contemporary cars are manufactured for around five to eight years, Audi is choosing to break the mold by significantly extending the life expectancy to nearly a decade.

Possible Rewrite:Possible reasons for this could be attributed to the aforementioned delays in software at Cariad, as well as potential problems with development at Audi. Rumors suggest that the CEO is determined to oust chief technical officer Oliver Hoffman from his position and holds him responsible for multiple model setbacks. However, these claims have yet to be officially confirmed.

As Audi prepares for the release of its electric A8 replacement in three years, it risks being surpassed by competitors such as Lucid, Tesla, and Chinese carmakers. In the meantime, those in search of a spacious Audi sedan with electric capabilities will have to make do with the e-tron GT.

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