Audi, BMW SUV Testing Spotted

High-Powered Wagon and Electric SUVs Arriving!

Motor1 keeps busy daily, providing its readership with the most recent spy photos of upcoming vehicles. Consequently, so one won’t miss out any new discoveries, we have compiled this overview of every prototype car identified over the past seven days.

It appears Audi have set themselves to labour on an even more scorching RS6 variation. This model exhibits vertical air intakes featured on the bonnet wings and newly designed intakes towards the face of the vehicle. The hindermost showcases a novel bumper flaunting three upright fins. It cannot be discounted that the motor could possibly obtain a pump in power as well.

The Audi Q6 E-Tron, the highly anticipated electric SUV from the marque, is close to hitting the market. Containing two distinct builds, the regular variant and the sportier Sportback, they bear resemblance in design to a larger version of the Q4 E-Tron. The driver’s wheel houses a sizable 11.9 inch display panel, with an accompanying 14.5 inch infotainment screen and 10.9 inch monitor for the front passenger. Come 2024, both these models shall be officially unveiled.

The highly-camouflaged BMW iX3 will be one of the many electrically powered cars to form part of the Bavarian brand’s Neue Klasse series. Major external features such as the headlights and taillights are represented by placeholders, while whoppersize wheels point towards it being either a M Sport Package vehicle or a M Performance model. With production schedule to initiate in Debrecen, Hungary during the latter portion of 2025, the German carmaker furthers its interest in electric autos.

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