Audi R8: Back from the Brink and Better Than Ever!

Production to halt by quarter end, for real this time.

Despite previous statements, Audi has announced that they will continue manufacturing the R8 supercar until 2024, lasting throughout the quarter. However, this end-of-life date may still be subject to change.

Is it possible for you to visit an Audi dealership and order a fresh, new version of their vehicle? Not exactly. Audi remains dedicated to electrifying their entire lineup, which unfortunately means the discontinuation of the R8. Perhaps in the future, it may be revived as an electric vehicle, but for now, the beloved mid-engine car will bid farewell, despite the fact that its counterpart, the Lamborghini Huracan, will receive a successor with hybrid technology.

Considering this, what conceivable justification could there be for continuing to produce the R8?

One possible explanation for the absence of a final R8 convertible option could be attributed to limitations in production. Due to insufficient capacity at the Bollinger Hofe facility, the realization of an R8 GT Spyder proved to be unattainable. As a result, it seems that the continuation of R8 production this year is solely due to Audi’s lack of time to complete the manufacturing process in the previous year.

This location is well-known for producing both the Audi e-tron GT and its RS counterpart. In fact, the facility manufactured over 3,200 of these electric vehicles just last year. Additionally, Bollinger Hofe, which is in charge of customized projects, will be taking care of the final details on the new RS6 Avant GT.

In contrast to Pagani, Audi is not able to continue producing its most successful models. Therefore, if you did not place an order for an R8 last year, it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain a new one this year. However, you can monitor auction websites, as the end-of-production R8 GT RWD is already being sold. And if having the newest and most advanced version is not a priority for you, pre-owned models can be purchased for unexpectedly reasonable prices, even with a minor connection to a famous person.

We have contacted Audi to verify the status of production and will add any updates from them to this article as soon as we receive a response.

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