Audi’s Revamped Corvette

Honoring the Corvettes of C2 & C3 Ages

In 2019, Chevrolet made its debut of the C8 Corvette, a new design concept which was greatly admired by all due to the move from a front-mounted engine to a mid-engine layout. It struck a chord with Audi designer Jason Battersby who chose to work on a project to transform the ‘Vette, basing it off the C2 and C3 generations.

The styling of the C2 & C3 are clearly visible on the lengthy hood, a trace that goes way back to the golden age of muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Plymouth Superbird. The hood is emphasized by chrome air vents similar to those featured in the second-generation Chevrolet Corvette for a more aerodynamic form.

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The exterior of the Audi Grandsphere concept is unmistakably the work of Battersby, with its sleek and sophisticated look. The side profile of the reimagined Vette features minimal character lines, paired with a “very simple” five-spoke wheel design. Yet, despite its modern design, muscular and sporty elements remain, in keeping with the classic style that has been associated with the nameplate since its introduction in 1953.

At the rear, the overall design appears to mirror that of the Ferrari Roma, with a quad-tail light implementation and an unadorned look. The split-window outline of the C2 is incorporated as well, but with an up-to-date adaptation. Below is a markedly visible diffuser encasing dual exhausts, implying that the car had been planned to be fitted with a conventional gasoline engine.

“As a final touch, Battersby gave the Corvette logo a makeover to make it his own. Rather than the classic beveled edges with color inlay, he chose a simpler shape and a matte/glossy design for the graphics. No chrome, no fuss – just a sleek black logo that pays homage to the Corvette heritage.”

The long-awaited next iteration of the iconic C9 Corvette is projected to debut in 2028, raising the question: Has General Motors considered approaching Battersby to head the design team? Please share your thoughts on the matter by commenting below.

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