Bandits Looted Porsche Taycan’s Headlights in Brutal Attack

Tin snips aid thieves in stealing lamps by cutting open fenders.

Many individuals frequently take items from vehicles without permission. It could be the tires, catalytic converters, stereo system, or simply items from inside the car; it is a common occurrence. However, in the instance of this Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the criminals targeted the headlights. The unusual incident was documented by a Reddit user under the username No_Supermarket9751, who shared pictures of the incident involving their friend’s car. The outcome is quite unsettling.

According to No_Supermarket9751, an incident occurred on Monday evening in Düsseldorf, Germany. The victim stated to Motor1 that their parked Porsche was targeted by thieves who used tin snips to gain entry into the fenders and disable the headlights. As a result, the once immaculate Taycan now bears a resemblance to a battle-worn can opener.

No_Supermarket9751 reported that his companion notified the authorities, and the matter is currently being looked into by law enforcement.

The Taycan is currently inoperative due to the need for replacement headlights and repairs to its damaged body. Depending on the specific lighting features installed at the factory, the headlight units can range from $2,829.43 to $3,602.11, while the control modules cost between $373.49 and $889.32. Additionally, each light requires a motor priced at $325.39. Replacing both fenders will cost $652.96 each, and painting and installation will also add to the overall expense. This repair is undoubtedly going to be quite costly.

The Taycan’s headlights have once again become the focus of thievery. In our investigation, we came across a discussion thread detailing an incident where a Taycan had its headlights stolen in 2021. This echoes a similar occurrence involving another Porsche last year, as posted on Reddit. As such, it is important to remain vigilant if you choose to park your Taycan in a public area.

Source: Reddit

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