Beastly Truck Boasts 1100 HP and 40-Inch Tires, priced at a hefty $1.5 million!

30 inches of wheel travel allows smooth navigation over tough terrain.

Are you tired of seeing the same old Ford Broncos and Jeep Wranglers on the road? If so, consider checking out the latest offering from Scarbo Vintage – the SV Rover. This renowned company, known for creating Ken Block’s impressive “Hoonipigasus”, has now unveiled a custom off-roader inspired by classic Land Rover designs, available for a hefty price of $1.5 million.The SV Rover provides a refreshing alternative to the overused SUV market, boasting an unparalleled level of power and unique bespoke features. The stunning vehicle brilliantly combines vintage Land Rover aesthetics with modern engineering, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind driving experience.For those looking to make a statement on and off the road, the SV Rover is the ultimate choice. Its potent engine and handcrafted design are sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. With its luxurious interior and top-notch performance, this vehicle is worth its weight in gold.Don’t settle for the mundane anymore – elevate your driving experience with the SV Rover by Scarbo Vintage. Trust us; it’s worth every penny.

The SV Rover comes in two options, a mid-engine supercharged V8 or a battery-electric version. The V8 is coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters, generating an impressive 1,100 horsepower. Its fuel is supplied by a spacious 65-gallon tank. On the other hand, the electric model boasts a powerful 75-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, providing a solid 1,006 horsepower (equivalent to 750 kilowatts).

Dealing with the rugged terrain is made possible by an inboard pushrod suspension system, boasting an impressive 30-inch wheel travel both in the front and rear. This vehicle also offers a choice between two- and four-wheel drive modes, as well as a high- and low-range transfer case and locking differentials for the front and rear wheels.

The tires, measuring at 40 inches in diameter, neatly encircle the forged wheels that are 20 inches in size. They snugly fit under the flared fenders, and the air ride suspension allows for users to adjust the height as needed for optimum comfort. Additionally, the car comes equipped with standard four-wheel steering, providing precise control. The six-piston Brembo brakes with massive 15.75-inch (400-millimeter) carbon-ceramic rotors further enhance the vehicle’s performance.

Nested within the cabin, you will stumble upon a virtual gauge cluster measuring 12.3 inches and a dominant 12.8-inch multimedia hub. These are enclosed by Alcantara and refined billet aluminum adornments, accompanied by additional indulgences such as a starting button, adjustable temperature regulators, forceful pane controls, and door locking mechanism. Despite having only enough room for two occupants, there is a substantial cargo compartment located at the back.

According to Motor Authority, Scarbo Vintage customizes every SV Rover based on each customer’s specifications. The starting price for this extravagant vehicle is $1.5 million. This model is the third offering from the company, joining the ranks of the SV F1 and SV RSR.

Source: Scarbo Vintage

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