Bentley Blower Racing Europe 2020

One-make Series Racing – We’re On!

Bentley, the renowned British luxury carmaker, has declared that the inaugural vehicle from its Blower Continuation Series, dubbed Car Zero, will “invoke the history of its ancestor” by taking part in various motorsport events all over Europe in 2023. Car Zero will be seen on tracks in the UK, France, and Belgium, and the time spent competing will be used to validate its engineering.

As you may be aware, Bentley has undergone an evolution from a modest to an extravagantly-influenced enterprise. In the incipient times, they publicized and endorsed their cars more on the racetrack rather than in the lush gardens of Pebble Beach. Despite the fact that the Bentley Continental GT vies in GT3 races, the novel models emerging from Crewe are still more inclined towards aesthetic excellence as opposed to sheer performance.

The Cullinan imbues a rosy-hued view on contemporary motoring and evokes memories of Bentley’s glittering heyday, when the carmaker was renowned for blazing down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that the moniker of Bentley’s prestigious saloon derived from an inspiring origin.

The Blower shall be the first Bentley motor car at the Circuit de la Sarthe since the Speed 8 triumphed in Le Mans in 2003. This, however, is an entirely different entity. Incorporating schemes and 3D research of the well-known 1929 4½ Litre supercharged Team Car #2, the only alterations for the recent rendition are for security considerations and incorporate a warning light, side mirrors, anchorage points, a fire extinguisher, as well as an isolator switch for the battery.

We venture to surmise that the modifications made to the Blower Car Zero shall be rigorously tested ahead of schedule, now that a Historic Technical Passport has been presented, allowing it entry in FIA-authorized vintage races. We greatly urge the fortunate buyers of these automobiles to drive them as intended.

The Blower shall be traveling to Donington Park in the UK from April 29th to the 30th, and then going on to Française. It shall be returning to its original stomping ground of Le Mans among the period of June 29th to July 3rd. The final see will occur earlier at Spa, Belgium on the time frame with the 28th to 30th September.

“Racing with Blower Car Zero will demonstrate the dependability, veracity, and robustness of our Continuation Series by facing off against the original challengers,” declared Mulliner Chief Technical Officer Paul Williams. He then went on to say that Bentley will “apply the discoveries from this race program to the soon-to-be-released Speed Six Continuation Series, with the first engineering car already in production.”

It appears that this year should be a successful one, for the Blower has effectively completed a long-term six-hour resistance trial at the eminent Goodwood Motor Circuity. While it maintained an average speed of 83 mph during its 380 mile journey.

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