Bentley Le Mans: 2003-Winning Parts

Limit of 48 Valve Dash Continentals Produced

It has been twenty years since Bentley crossed the finish first at the much-renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans. To commemorate this memorable celebration, the well-established Britain luxury manufacturer will build 48 exclusive Continental GTs featuring a race-styled glossary, which is aptly labelled as the Le Mans Collection. However, it is not only limited to exclusive paintwork and some special badges.

Let us take a brief look back to 2003 prior to investigating the Continental GT Le Mans Collection. Bentley took part in the renowned racing competition for the Prototype division, entering with two Speed 8s vehicles. These cars, powered by their twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8s, triumphed so easily that Team Bentley managed to secure the first two plazas.

It’s extraordinary that the valves of the triumphant race engine will be part of the Le Mans Collection’s ornamental enhancements. The 24 engine valves have been divided in two; each vehicle will be provided with one of them, showing up on the dashboard instead of the central dial in the three-gauge analogue odometer. Together with this, the auto’s distinct production figure is featured too, tagging it as a piece of the Le Mans Collection.

For the Le Mans Collection, Bentley has incorporated several distinct traits. Of particular note is the analog clock, which has been modified from a 12-hour to a 24-hour format, a sensible alteration considering its automotive application. Furthermore, the sills and dash possess that renowned logo, an emblem composed of six wreaths, noting the company’s several Le Mans triumphs throughout history. And lastly, all models receive a rather exquisite covering of Verdant Green, adorned with a striking white racing stripe spanning the length of the hood, which carries over to the roof of the coupes.

Irrespective of the model, all cars sport the number seven in white on the grille – the same one which adorned the Speed 8 that won a race back in 2003. There are exclusive pin lines on the interior, and seen under the exterior too, and yes, it comes with an exclusive 24h badge to mark its superiority compared to your ordinary Bentley Continental.

Bentley has not announced the expense or timetable for the Continental GT Le Mans Edition, nor provided figures of their setup of coupes and convertibles. But, they have revealed that production is to be only 48 cars, making it vastly exclusive across the world.

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