New Bentley Continental GT: Elusive Photo Shoot

Wheels Spinning: Evading the Lens.
2024 Bentley Continental GT Facelift Prototype Spied Winter Testing With New LED Lights

An all-new Bentley Continental GT is fast approaching. This footage, taken in northern Europe, captures one of their models undergoing trial runs. Clearly displeased with the thought of the high-class coupe being recorded, the test drivers make a flurry of attempts to elude the lenses of the photographer.

The revised Continental GT showcases a modified set of headlights. While the center portion is evident, there is a cocoon of obscurity engulfing them. Furthermore, it seems that the additional lamps on the outer edges appear to have taken on a more circular form. Additionally, the corner intakes on the facia are adorned with a triangular design in lieu of the current pentagonal rendition.

When operating alongside other Bentleys, those behind the wheel take pains to obscure the new Continental GT from view. Thankfully, this gives people the opportunity to compare the current model as well as its refreshed counterpart.

The newly designed coupé features slimmed-down tail lamps and exhaust tips featuring a vertical design on the inside.

Early on in the visual material, a quickly glance of the improved Continental GT can be seen. The sighting is abruptly ended, making it tough to notice details. The operater isn’t pleased by the photographer gazing in and instantly leaves, creating smoke from spinning the rear wheels.

Earlier espionage images prove that a plugin hybrid is set to become part of the Continental GT’s powertrain variety. However, information regarding the car’s motor is still unavailable. The PHEV derivatives of the Bentayga and Flying Spur apply turbocharged V6 motors.

The Continental GT may no longer offer the W12 engine. Bentley is marketing the exclusive Batur as the closing introduction of the twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre twelve-cylinder motor.

Bentley is going to be unveiling a re-invented Continental GTC cabriolet soon. This model will feature the same headlight and tail light enhancements as the two-door. Furthermore, those who opt for this exclusive car will even have the choice of the plug-in hybrid variant.

The initiation of the new Continental GT series remains uncertain. Still, anticipation is high that it will occur sometime before the lapse of 2021.

Bentley recently declared that 2022 was its most fruitful year fiscally. Operating profits were a remarkable €708 million, while sales had hit an unprecedented 15,174 cars. The Bentayga held an impressively high portion of the total at 42 percent.

Source: CarSpyMedia via YouTube


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