Bentley Unveils Five Lavish Masterpieces in Opulent Edition Collection

The Indian Flag’s Influence on Five Luxurious Vehicles

Bentley has recently announced the launch of five Mulliner Bespoke Edition cars that take inspiration from the vibrant colors of the Indian flag. This special lineup, named The Opulence Edition for India, consists of a Continental GT Speed, a Flying Spur Speed, and three Bentayga EWB Azure SUVs.The luxurious car brand’s latest collection pays homage to the rich culture and heritage of India by incorporating the country’s iconic tricolor into each vehicle’s design. Customers can choose from three shades: Saffron, White, and Green, representing courage, peace, and prosperity respectively.The exclusive collection features some of Bentley’s most sought-after models, such as the Continental GT Speed and the Flying Spur Speed, both known for their impeccable performance and opulent interiors. Alongside these renowned models, the lineup also includes three Bentayga EWB Azure SUVs, perfect for those seeking both luxury and versatility in their car. The Bentayga EWB Azure SUVs are equipped with a spacious Extended Wheelbase (EWB) and come in an elegant shade of Saffron. These vehicles offer the ultimate blend of comfort and style, making them ideal for long journeys and daily use.Each car in the Opulence Edition is handcrafted by Bentley

Modifications have been made to the sleek Scarab Green coating, which draws its inspiration from the outer shell of the Scarab beetle. This is a novel occurrence, as it marks the debut of this shade on a Mulliner creation. Initially, the color was exclusively designed for the bespoke Bentley Bacalar, a rarity with only 12 units produced. In contrast, the inner cabin boasts Mandarin as the primary leather and Cumbrian Green as the secondary hide.

A sophisticated Piano veneer trim adorned with a classy chrome pattern of mountains and horses has been incorporated in this design. Through multiple trials, the creative team landed on a hand-drawn motif, which can be seen here as the perfect finishing touch. The Indian market was privileged to witness the collaboration between Bentley Mumbai and Mulliner, resulting in the creation of the very first customized Mulliner vehicles for this region.

The Opulence Edition of the Continental GT Speed features 22-inch Speed wheels with a deep tint and automatic center badges that maintain the Bentley emblems in a level position at all times. The luxurious grand tourer also boasts elegant knurled controls and instrument rims. A singular specimen of the two-door coupe has been manufactured and promptly handed over to a fortunate buyer.

The Continental GT Speed from Bentley boasts an impressive output of 650 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque, thanks to its powerful twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine.

The Flying Spur Speed boasts subtle variances when compared to its coupe counterpart. The vehicle comes equipped with the highly coveted Naim for Bentley audio system, as well as a sleek rotating display. Its interior showcases luxurious quilted leather upholstery accentuated by Mandarin contrast stitching and stylish side bolsters. To add an extra touch of elegance, the headrests are emblazoned with the prestigious Speed embroidery. The sedan also sports the same wheels as the Continental, however, it sets itself apart with a striking illuminated ‘Flying B’ emblem in stainless steel, creating a stunning contrast against the darkened Speed brightwork.

There is only one instance of this model, propelled by the identical W12 engine, albeit with a marginally reduced punch (626 horsepower).

The Bentayga EWB Azure fills the remaining spots in the Opulence Edition series. This extended-wheelbase variant made its debut in 2022 as an option for clients in need of a luxury car for their chauffeured journeys. The Opulence Edition vehicles feature a four-seat arrangement, with a refrigerator conveniently placed between the back seats.

The use of Mandarin and Cumbrian Green leather in the Bentayga EWB Azure models adds a distinctive touch. A Mandarin-colored lip graces the fascia and outlines the green seat bolsters, giving these models a unique look. Additionally, the contrast stitching on the quilted diamonds of the seats and the “Azure” embroidered headrests are done in Cumbrian Green, further enhancing the luxurious feel of the interior.

In general, the Opulence Edition of Bentley cars is significantly more attractive compared to Mulliner’s latest release, the inaugural two-tone Bentayga EWB.

By the year 2023, a significant 75% of Bentleys will include Mulliner’s customized features. This is a clear indication of strong demand for ultra-luxury vehicles – compared to just 43% in 2022. In the current year, we have witnessed Mulliner’s expertise in designing a special edition Bentayga to pay tribute to a war hero, as well as producing four unique versions of the SUV for the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in London.

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