BMW: 6 Electrics by 2027

First: Sedan, SUV.

At the BMW Group Annual Meeting 2023, representatives of the German carmaker unveiled their forthcoming Neue Klasse range of electric autos. It was mentioned that BMW will be bringing out 6 fresh models between 2025 and 2027.

BMW is bringing out fresh electric cars this year, among them the i5 Saloon and i5 Touring as well as the iX2 Cross-over. These new i5 models are planned to be released in tandem with the cutting-edge BMW 5 Series.

The first wave of Neue Klasse will feature a new design language, with the technology based on a newly developed wiring harness, the latest generation of high-performance drivetrains, and notable battery efficiency advancements. BMW also mentioned a “fundamentally new UX/UI concept”, which could point to the iDrive system reaching the end of its development cycle.

In the year 2026, BMW has declared that when its modernization is completed, Accumulation of Neue Klasse car production will be expanded to their German principle factory. The following year, in 2027, they will have invested nearly eight hundred and sixty million dollars into San Luis Potosí County’s factory located in Mexico for the generation of their Neue Klasse vehicles. This investment even incorporates a regional high-voltage battery assembly facility. And it won’t stop there as BMW reveals that they will announce even more Electric Vehicle factories shortly.

In expectation of BMW’s prognostication of delivering a cumulative sum of 10 million all-electric vehicles to clients by 2030, they have set the initial noteworthy checkpoint at two million electrified vehicles in 2025.

“These are impressive figures to consider, and reflect BMW’s commitment to furthering electric vehicle technology. The firm even anticipates that the sale of battery electric vehicles (BEV) will exceed 50% ‘well ahead of 2030’.”

“The evidence speaks for itself – that’s why we are aiming for considerable growth in electric vehicles this year and predict them to make up 15% of our total sales,” stated Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “We have the right combination of proven strengths, advanced technologies, and the Neue Klasse for a successful future. This combination will enable us to respond to different trends in each region.”

BMW has stated that they will provide further information and specific details regarding their “road to the Neue Klasse” at the Munich Motor Show this year. They are confident that these new details will be a great addition to the already exciting project.

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