BMW’s Historic Factory Transitioning to Fully Electric Operations After 7 Decades

2026 Debut: Neue Klasse Sedan Production Begins

BMW’s Group Plant Munich facility is preparing for major transformations in the upcoming years, as it prepares to introduce the Neue Klasse sedan on its production lines by 2026. In only one year following this launch, the factory will shift its focus solely to manufacturing electric vehicles.The BMW Group Plant Munich is undergoing significant preparations for the future, with the highly anticipated arrival of the Neue Klasse sedan slated for 2026. This will be followed by a complete transition to producing exclusively electric vehicles by the factory in 2027.

This signifies the conclusion of a significant period, as the Plant Munich initiated the production of fuel-powered automobiles more than 70 years ago, beginning with the BMW 501 in 1952. Presently, the facility produces around 1,000 cars daily, including popular models like the 3 Series Sedan and the fully electric i4 Gran Coupe.

Since its establishment, the BMW factory has always been at the forefront of innovation. Back in 2015, it made a groundbreaking move by manufacturing the initial plug-in hybrid 3 Series cars. This forward-thinking approach continued three years ago when the i4 became the first electric vehicle to be assembled on the premises. As the demand for BMW’s electric automobiles skyrockets, the Plant Munich assembly line now produces an impressive fifty percent of all vehicles with electric power.

BMW is currently in the process of developing their manufacturing plant to accommodate the upcoming Neue Klasse sedan. They have invested a substantial amount of €650 million (approximately $714 million) into constructing four new buildings, which will be used for various purposes such as housing a new assembly line and body shop. As part of their preparations, the German car company has also relocated engine production to facilities in Hams-Hall, England and Steyr, Austria.

As stated previously, the sedan is set to commence production in 2026, with subsequent electric models to be introduced in 2027. This will likely encompass the highly anticipated iX3 electric SUV. After establishing production in Munich and Debrecen (Hungary), Neue Klasse vehicles will also be manufactured in China and at the San Luis Potosi facility in Mexico.

Once again, Plant Munich is preparing for a significant transformation. Prior to producing automobiles, this facility was responsible for crafting aircraft engines. However, with its latest infusion of funds and redirection of efforts, BMW’s historical site will undoubtedly secure its future for years to come.

“The fact that this extensive transformation is occurring simultaneously with the production of approximately 1,000 vehicles per day is a standard procedure in Munich and is made possible by the exceptional efforts of our entire workforce,” stated Peter Weber, the director of the facility. “We are thrilled to lead the Munich plant towards a fully electric future, beginning with the Neue Klasse sedan.”

Last year, BMW introduced the Vision Neue Klasse concept, offering a glimpse into their upcoming design and technological advancements. Much like its predecessor, this model is predicted to revolutionize the brand, which makes it fitting for production to take place at Munich’s renowned factory.

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