BMW Dual Kidney Grilles

Germany Buyers: Level 3 Assist with Grille Clutter

The gargantuan kidney grilles on the latest BMW 7-series – not to mention the M3, iX, and XM – bring out strong opinions among aficionados, and that’s putting it mildly. Anytime Motor1 puts up an article concerning these models, one can be certain to find someone who doesn’t mince their words when criticizing the extravagant looks of the front end. Now, with BMW attempting to upgrade the technology of the 7-Series, they have likely made the front even more over the top.

The BMW Personal Pilot L3 system is a hands-off, driver-assistance technology that becomes available for the German market 7 Series and i7 models starting in March. This equipment can manage the automobile at speeds up to 37 mph, resulting in an additional charge of 6,402 euros (6,000 euros) to the vehicle’s cost.

This system aims to alleviate the onerous task of commuting across congested roads for 7 Series drivers, however, the tech surprisingly does nothing to enhance the aesthetic elegance of the sedan. For this to be accomplished, BMW must install elements such as ultrasonic sensors, radar, and 3D lidar, some of which fit into the upper part of the iconic kidney grilles.

Trapezoid pockets with rectangular sensors have been added to the end of the grille recently, looking almost like smaller kidneys on the top of larger ones. This only serves to further contribute to the cluttered appearance of the already-busy design.

At this stage, the BMW Personal Pilot L3 is only accessible in Germany, meaning that elsewhere in the world there is no fear of running into a 7 Series boasting this compacted facade styling. Nevertheless, it is possible that soon this technology will spread to other marketplaces.

No matter the aesthetic opinions, the latest 7 Series and i7 remain rightfully captivating autos. The Motor1 reviewers who’ve been afforded the opportunity to make road trips in these models all express great admiration. Moreover, they detail how much uglier it appears when observing from outside the car as opposed to inside it.

Let us hear your feedback in the comments below. It seems somewhat improbable, yet it’s possible some people deem the reworked grille has bolstered the appearance.

Source: BMW

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