BMW: Fix 4 Series’ Ugly Grille?

Testing the 4 Series LCI: Spy Photos Show Updates

Sneak peeks of the refreshed BMW 4 Series coupe have recently landed in our mailboxes, with even the speedy M440i version included. Following the recent mid-life upgrades to numerous other BMWs, such as the 3 Series and X5, it was only a matter of seconds before the reworked second-gen 4 Series was unveiled.

Depicted in the picture below, we can witness the unremarkable 4 Series in grey as well as the M440i in blue; one of the more recognizable discrepancies between the two is observed in their dual exhaust pipes, much bigger and designed differently for the M440i. In front, it appears the chief transformations are associated with the headlights, outfitted with a new LED illumination signature that appears similar to what was showcased on the most recent X5. The impressive grille remains intact – after all, BMW admirers adore the current 4 Series.

Our esteemed spies have informed us that the regular 4 Series has a classic, extended grille with encrusted design, yet the M440i features a concealing mesh grille that features stretches of horizontal inserts, suggesting there will be an even greater upgrade for this specific version. Some minor tweaks can be found in both cars’ bumpers and taillights, with whispers indicating that the base 4 Series (the 430i in the USA) will come fitted with a standard M Sport bumper, exemplified by this grey prototype.

While M Sport BMW’s remain undeniably popular, it would be a real shame if the 430i and M440i became more comparable. The low-key and restrained aesthetics of the basic 430i has never failed to provide an eye-catching counterpoint to the blasting appearance of the burlier M440i.

Regarding the insides of these models, we are aware that the 4 Series will feature an updated infotainment system in the upcoming spring. This will introduce iDrive 8 with BMW’s Curved Display which fuses a 12.3-inch driver display along with a 14.9-inch infotainment touchscreen. Despite the fact that BMW is always progresssing iDrive, Operating System 9 is set to appear on the X1 in November; making one think if the 4 Series may decline iDrive 8.5 – appearing first on the new 5 Series – and advance directly to 9.

No major mechancial developments are expected in the revamped 4 Series, yet we’re not perturbed. The 430i is exceptionally fleet with its 255-horsepower 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder enabling a 0-60 time of much less than six seconds. Nevertheless, the strong M440i and its 3.0-liter inline-six engine developing 382 hp remains the leading light, supplying enough strength to make you ponder why you’d ever require an M4.

It is estimated that the revised 4 Series will begin production in the early months of the following year.

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