BMW M3 No Match for 1,000+ HP Tesla Model S Plaid: A Battle of High-Performance Cars

Insufficient Horsepower: Tesla’s Electric Power Outshines Built Engine with Four-Figure Horsepower

The Tesla Model S Plaid has emerged as a dominant force on the drag racing circuit. This powerful electric sedan boasts an impressive three-motor configuration, delivering a jaw-dropping 1,020 horsepower that puts it in a league with even the most elite supercars of today. However, this superiority is not without its limitations. A recent video has surfaced, demonstrating that a gasoline-powered contender, a modified BMW M3 Competition, can still provide stiff competition for the ultimate electric vehicle.

The M3 standing side by side with the Tesla boasts an impressive 1,039 horsepower, a significant increase from its original factory output. Expertly crafted by Tom Wrigley Performance and R44, this BMW underwent various enhancements to its twin-turbo straight-six engine. Among these were improved cooling mechanisms, a revamped exhaust system, upgraded turbochargers, and other high-performance additions.

Drag Race: 1,000hp BMW M3 vs 1,000hp Tesla Model S Plaid

The M3 was required to operate on ethanol in order to optimize its performance against the Tesla Model S. Although the EV’s triple-motor configuration was slightly less powerful than the BMW, it did enter the competition equipped with all-wheel drive.

The two rivals engaged in three intense drag battles, and the initial race foreshadowed the fierce competition that lay ahead. The first round saw the BMW triumph, clocking in at 9.7 seconds to the Tesla’s 10.2-second run. However, the Tesla emerged victorious in the next two races, defeating the M3 by a slim margin of 0.1 seconds – 9.7 versus 9.8 seconds. Nevertheless, in the final stretch, it was the BMW that crossed the half-mile mark ahead of the Model S.

The BMW proved its worth in the high-speed race, as the Tesla was limited by its speed at only 165 miles per hour. However, despite being heavier, the electric vehicle outperformed the M3 in the braking test, coming to a shorter stop twice.

Source: AutoTrader / YouTube

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