BMW M4: Concept Touring Coupe Inspired Design

BMW In-House Design Holds Key to M4’s Face Fix

The recently debuted BMW Concept Touring Coupe was the main topic of conversation among car enthusiasts this past weekend and, not surprisingly, its vintage clown shoe styling has encouraged artists such as Khyzyl Saleem to take the concept and apply its characteristics to other BMWs. Saleem posted to his social media accounts a swift mock-up of the CTC’s style elements on the latest BMW M4, and we can’t help but think this looks far superior to BMW’s unique design.

If you haven’t yet come across Saleem’s artistry, then you are really missing out. His design creations are both aesthetically pleasing and inspiring, often causing viewers to reconsider classic vehicles through a unique, new perspective. Notably, his recent team-up with Porsche resulted in the tangible development of the impressive Nebula 928, an amalgamation of ’80s flair and otherworldly aspects.

Alternative renditions, such as the Mercedes 190E Evo II prototype which could be taken directly from the game Need For Speed, has us longing for someone to embark upon giving this fellow the power to design a full-on car company. In contrast, M4 is much more subtly styled; yet its design is far more real than his preceding inventions.

“These images are quick mock-ups,” according to Saleem, who added that they’re “super rough.” If that’s the case, one can only imagine what a finished product would look like.

He drew inspiration from the Touring Coupe for the front of his vehicle, using what he calls “one of the 50-odd front bumper design ideas I’ve had for a while now”. He then combined this with gold grille surrounds on kidney grilles that are much smaller than the standard M4’s, and he believes that this modification is an improvement.

The contraction of the kidney grille permits the intakes on the bumper to significantly increase, together with the add-on of the lip spoiler making the car look like it’s embracing the track. All the other areas of the vehicle design appear generally untouched, although it now rocks a delicate shade of silver adorned with golden highlights, gold rims, and a decreased height.

It’s straightforward yet does a marvellous job of enhancing the features BMW succeeded with in the design and also improving them considerably. Unhappily, from the snapshots we’ve seen, it appears the M4 makeover will keep the enormous grilles, however because of creatives such as Saleem, we can imagine what could have been.

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