BMW: M5 Wagon Coming to U.S.?

BMW Outfitting 5 Series with Wide Arches

An Instagram post from BMW M recently caused much excitement as it appears to be hinting at the awaited BMW M5 Touring (station wagon). In the short clip shared, two workers could be seen outfitting the car with widened rear arches which seems to suggest that it is not an SUV, but a wagon. Much speculation has arisen since, given that the non-United States edition of the M3 Touring has already been unveiled and there are no plans for a more powerful variant. Taking all this into account, it becomes evident that BMW has created more buzz around the first station wagon M5 sharing similarities with the yet-to-debut G90 sedan, commonly referred to internally as the G99.

Since the original publication of this article, BMW has verified that they will be manufacturing a new M5 Touring model for release in 2024. Additionally, BMW has also accepted that the powertrain shall be electrified and stated that exams on Munich’s roads are slated to happen in the imminent days preceding prototypes being sent to the Nurburgring plus other open-air areas.

The news that the BMW M5 wagon could be making its way to American shores is a big deal. Last year, BMW M boss Frank van Meel told CarBuzz that customers were increasingly asking for a high-performance wagon: “We listened to our dealers and our customers, and they’re coming more and more, asking for a Touring. So, we are taking that into consideration.” This is a major shift from the M3 wagon, which has not been available in the US.

He also informed us that, when a large vehicle is observed on the Nurburgring, it implies that BMW is preparing to build it. That statement could be seen as an indirect confirmation that work beyond the premises of the corporation was only a matter of time.

What can we expect from the new M5? Well, the same M-style body panels, fascias, exhausts, brakes, and wheels will be present. However, under the hood, the powertrain should be seriously powerful. An insider previously informed CarBuzz that the new M5 feels “like a rocket ship” and that engineers were told to “just imagine what [the XM Label Red drivetrain] would feel like in a smaller package.” This could mean that the M5’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo hybrid system may generate up to 738 horsepower, just like the SUV.

Amid all the anticipation of further M5 sedan news, this teaser featuring a wagon has added to the buzz and we reckon both vehicles could be disclosed together. We wouldn’t be too surprised to find out the unveiling takes place at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed, happening in July.

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