Bridgestone Makes Tires from Recycled Rubber

Testing Tires with 75% Recycled Materials

Bridgestone is making strides towards a more sustainable future for tires. Recently, the multinational corporation revealed that they are trying out passenger car tires created from recycled and renewable substances. That’s right, this includes plants which they have cultivated to generate natural rubber. Over the coming year, they’ll be cooperatively working with automotive manufacturers to evaluate and build upon this environment-friendly type of tire.

Specifically, Bridgestone has two hundred sets of these tires primed and ready. Recycled items make up thirty-seven percent of the materials used, with a further thirty-eight percent being renewable – a total of seventy-five percent. Bridgestone are striving towards hitting a threshold of ninety percent for this elemental content.

Reused substances comprise of rubber, steel, changed levels of carbon dark colored, and plastic containers, which are utilized in mix with common elastic sourced from the guayule desert bush to make an unnatural elastic. The organization is developing the material at a cultivating facility in Arizona. Plant-based oils and bio-based Silica acquired from rice husk off-burns are among different maintainable assets present in the assembling measure.

The tyres were conceptualized and constructed in Bridgestone’s technical hub in Ohio and formulated at their factory in South Carolina. Unlike the accepted 75 percent finishing line, 90 percent is the impending milestone on the path to a goal of completely renewable/green tyres by 2050.

“The journey to becoming a sustainable solutions company is one that Bridgestone is taking seriously and making incredible strides in,” shared Paolo Ferrari, Bridgestone Americas president & CEO. “We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved a milestone with the production and deployment of a 75-percent recycled and renewable materials tire technology. This is just the beginning as we strive to use fully sustainable materials in our products by 2050.”

Bridgestone isn’t on their own in aiming to become more eco-friendly in the forthcoming years. Last month, Continental proclaimed an analogous blueprint to construct green-conscious tires exploiting much of the same components discussed here, this moreover stated that recyclable components are already constituting 15 to 20 percent of present tires.

Source: Bridgestone

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