Bridgestone’s Vintage-Style Lightweight Alloys

R.A.P. Evo Reborn: Classic Steelie Look in 15 Alloy

Bridgestone is here to reignite one of its well-known classics, the Super R.A.P steel wheels from the 80s. This new version, titled the Potenza Super R.A.P Evo, appears like your usual standard run-of-the-mill steel wheel from a workhorse demographic yet it’s made from a lightweight alloy and crafted up to contemporary standards weighing in at only 7.7 lbs per wheel.

In 1987, the Super R.A.P was first introduced and used in various racing competitions such as dirt trails and the All Japan Gymkhana Championship. It comes in a two-part structure back then. Nowadays, they have produced an Evo edition with one single-piece wheel look to offer old-fashioned steel wheel style, lightweight elements, and robust features of alloy wheel. What’s more, the flat-face layout should offer more fortitude than spoked wheels.

These days, Bridgestone is presently only offering the wheels in one color and size. This shade is Racing Pearl White (RPW) which has a 15-inch diameter. Notwithstanding, you can order it from the manufacturer with 7- or 7.5-inch widths and 4×100 or 4×114.3 PCD. These specs make them perfect for Japanese classic vehicles such as the Mazda Miata and Toyota Corolla AE86.

Distinguished by its plane look and plentiful slots, the R.A.P Evo flaunts a large-arch structure and eye-catching center cap like the archetype. The orifices, in addition to being attractive, were effective formerly, and the same is appropriate nowadays, as they safeguard pieces like the braking system better than spoke wheels while off-roading versus street scraps.

First revealed in April 2020, the wheels commenced manufacturing this month and will begin to be distributed throughout the world beginning early in 2024.

Prices on the Japanese Bridgestone website fluctuate between ¥52,800 (which is roughly $370 using current exchange rates) to ¥53,900 ($379) based upon user setup.

Bridgestone has not affirmated the U.S charges; however, at this moment, Rev9 Autosport, a beloved website among MX-5 Miata aficionados, reveals that the 4×100 chart has the cost of $253.74 per wheel on offer, usually retailing for $528 each.

It’s clear that steel wheels are back in style as two manufacturers have come out with their own take on the throwback look. Last year, Japanese wheel manufacturer Enkei released a lightweight alloy that harkens back to the ‘good old days’. We were huge admirers of Enkei’s effort but we have to admit Bridgestone’s design truly captures the classic aesthetic.

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