Broncos on Sale: Jeep Owners Get $1K Off

Only Jeeps made after 1995 eligible for customers.

Ford is issuing a challenge to Jeep by providing a potential savings of up to $1,000 for current Jeep owners who purchase a new Bronco – the recently revived midsize SUV designed for off-road adventures and poised to rival the beloved Wrangler in 2021.

According to CarsDirect, the Jeep Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash is only accessible in select areas such as Chicago, New York, and Phoenix. This initiative offers a reduced price of $1,000 on the 2024 Bronco and Bronco Sport models, making the top-of-the-line Bronco Raptor with its 418-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine ineligible for this discount. Those looking to purchase a vehicle in Atlanta or Dallas can also benefit from a $500 price reduction.

In order to be eligible, individuals must possess a Jeep that is no earlier than the 1995 edition, therefore those with a Wrangler TJ series should still receive the reward.

Furthermore, Jeep enthusiasts can retain possession of their beloved Wranglers as the offer does not mandate a trade-in. Unlike Ford dealerships, there is no requirement for potential buyers to terminate their existing lease in order to take advantage of the reduced price. Additionally, this motivation is transferable, as long as both the grantor and recipient reside at the identical location.

Ford dealers are also eligible to extend the discount to any remaining inventory of 2023 Bronco and Bronco Sport models.

The offering has the potential to entice Jeep enthusiasts into exploring a new option in the Bronco, however, the noticeable increase in cost may give them pause for reconsideration. The reintroduction of this iconic model by the Blue Oval brand came with a starting price below $30,000 in 2021.

Currently, the least expensive Bronco model, the Big Bend two-door variant, has a starting price of $39,130, while the highest-priced option, the Bronco Raptor, can be purchased for $90,035.

It seems that Ford is also making efforts to maintain strong sales of the Bronco, as well as their other models such as the Ford Ranger and F-150 Lightning, after implementing a production adjustment. To meet the high demand, the company has implemented a new third production shift at the Michigan Assembly Plant, which resulted in the creation of about 900 job opportunities.

The duration of the program was not specified in the report; however, we must appreciate the amiable rivalry between these local opponents, a tradition that dates back to the reintroduction of the nameplate.

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