Wrangler Owners: Try the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo!

Experience the Bronco and Wrangler Off-Roadeo.

Ford has just revealed the Bronco Off-Roadeo, a half day of adventures designed for individuals of any expertise level to become familiar with the auto giant’s toughest SUVs. There is no requisite for participation – even those without Ford vehicles are welcome!

We have already sampled the Off-Roadeo package, a complimentary perk included with the purchase of either a new Bronco, Raptor, or the Sport. Don’t be fooled by the latter being listed as a crossover; as it is surprisingly robust offroad. While buyers of a Bronco get to enjoy a full ten hours of bliss, this fresh offering can be availed by anyone and shall last for four hours. It is still quite enough time to put any of the Broncos under strain in an exciting setting.

The rewarding off-road excursion furnishes proficient trek directing at four distinctive places over the United States: Gilford, New Hampshire; Horseshoe Bay, Texas; Moab, Utah; and Mount Potosi, Nevada. Ford however made no explicit reference to Gilford with respect to their fresh Half-Day Adventure.

From the middle of 2022 to the early part of 2023, 8.3 percent of attendees at the Bronco Off-Roadeo decided to buy a Ford after the event, with 63 percent choosing a Bronco. Allowing the general population, and even owners of other vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler to join in on the excitement could be a great way for Ford to surge ahead with the sale of its range of Broncos.

The Half-Day Journey incorporates a Bronco for those who join the journey, alongside a chauffeur. Guests can accompany with up to 3 individuals for the trip. People will gain an appreciation of the picturesque view and learn how to navigate their Bronco on varying terrains while receiving practical tips along the way. As well as this, they’ll be educated about all the off-road functions the Bronco has to offer, such as the Terrain Administration System and G.O.A.T modes, besides attaining significant off-road know-how, for example throttle control, route selection and maintaining traction.

“Our Bronco owners have been raving about Off-Roadeo, and we’ve been getting inquiries from non-owners who want to find out what it’s like to experience Bronco’s legendary off-road prowess,” said Matt Simpson, general manager for Ford Enthusiast Vehicles. “The new Half-Day Adventure offers them the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in the Bronco brand and create an unforgettable memory.”

In the course of our Off-Roadeo jaunt earlier this year, the chance to drive a Bronco Raptor was a joy – even going airborne was part of the game! Assisted by friendly coaches, we had an amazing time and found it to be the ideal way of discovering the true potential of the SUV. And now, it’s no longer exclusive to Bronco owners; everyone has the thrill of seeing what it can do!

The exhilarating Half-Day Journey begins at a fee of $795 per automobile. Concessionaires owning up-to-date Ford models such as 2021 or advanced Broncos, 2021 or 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands or First-Editions, 2023 or newer Bronco Sports, and 2022 or newer Bronco Raptors can still delight in the entire day venture without spending a dime.

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