Ford Test Drives: Try Off-Road for $795!

Try the Ford SUV: Half-Day Test Drive.

Off-road fanatics across America have a passion for conquering tough grounds and quite like no other, and Ford’s Bronco Off-Roadeo is now providing an incredible Half-Day Adventure in four distinct US areas. This opportunity permits adventurers to fully immerse themselves in the world of Bronco with experienced trail guides helping them explore the numerous obstacles. Whether you are an accomplished off-roader or someone with limited knowledge who wants to take on the unknown, this Half-Day Adventure promises to bring along an amazing journey.

Embarking on a thrilling expedition awaits in the newly offered four-hour off-road sojourn. Whether you own a Bronco or not, your journey is facilitated with one of our vehicles provided for your escapade. This truncated variation of the 10-hour original tour is accessible to all practice levels. Conversely, the conventional 10-hour day voyage is made available as an exclusive perk to fresh owners of the Bronco, Bronco Raptor, and Bronco Sport.

“With the success of Off-Roadeo, our Bronco owners have been enjoying its off-road capabilities, but we’ve been asked by non-owners how they could experience the legendary Bronco brand. To answer this, we’ve created a Half-Day Adventure, allowing these individuals to be fully immersed in the Bronco experience and create a lasting memory,” said Matt Simpson, General Manager for Ford Enthusiast Vehicles.

Ford’s Half-Day Adventure provides attendees with various thrills. To start, why not grab the controls of a Bronco and traverse tough, mountainous terrains as well as exclusive practice courses? Or you could learn handy offroading techniques such as cornering, accelerator operating, and keeping traction to negotiate even the trickiest of tracks.

The four-hour escapade begins at $795 per vehicle, including a chauffeur and no more than three passengers. Choose from among the following locations – Vegas’ Mount Potosi; Moab, Utah; or Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Moreover, owners of any 2021 or newer Ford Bronco, 2021 or 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands or First Editions, 2023 or fresh Bronco Sport, and 2022 or later Bronco Raptor possess complimentary access to the full day’s Bronco Off-Roadeo experience. To find out further information, visit

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