Bugatti Bolide Debuts at Le Mans

Track Hypercar Screams Around French Racetrack.

Bugatti could not let an occasion as grand as the centennial release of the 24 Hours of Le Mans occur in its home nation without instigating a stir, and thus the track-exclusive Bugatti Bolide was revealed at the celebration over the past weekend. The business is not joining this year, but its legacy is profoundly connected with that of the remarkable long-distance race, and what higher place to exhibit the advancements made thus far than the famous raceway?

In addition to being on exhibit, Bugatti’s Bolide was also presented by evaluation driver, Andy Wallace, a 1988 victor at Le Mans while driving for Jaguar. The spectators were enthralled when he completed a lap around the circuit.

“Stepping into the cockpit of the Bolide for this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours was an unforgettable experience; the energy from the crowd and the connection they felt to the car is something I will treasure forever,” remarked Wallace. He went on to say, “the Bolide looks and handles – in every way – like a real racing car with remarkable high-performance abilities.”

The “proliferative” 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine from the Chiron has been engineered to generate 1,577 horsepower, and the entire vehicle is aiming for a curb weight of 3,196 pounds. To ensure that such a heavy car can come to a stop, Brembo has provided brakes “inspired by F1 technology”.

These are estimated to be 390 mm/15.35 inches in diameter, and they boast an eight-piston caliper at the front and a six-piston one at the back.

At the Parade of the Grande Exposition Du Centenaire, Bugatti presented an exclusive EB110S “Le Mans” to commemorate its 55-year hiatus since its last victory at the endurance race. This very same car was entered in the 1994 race, although it didn’t finish. Nevertheless, it was the inspiration behind the Centodieci livery that was revealed alongside the Bolide.

Also, a Type 50S was exhibited in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Museum. In accordance to Bugatti, three specimens appeared at the 1931 race but instead of the honored French Racing Blue, Ettore Bugatti wished them to be colored black due to disagreements with racing authorities. Although, none finished the race as one suffered a fatal accident possibly because of the tires that were not established for this automobile. Consequently, Ettore obtained the remaining two autos.

It could be that, at some time in the future, Bugatti will come back to take part in renowned competitions. At present, however, it prefers to focus on luxury and prestige instead of relying upon fuel and victories.

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