Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 57: Retro Design, Uniquely One-Of-A-Kind

Spotting a Unique Bugatti Chiron Special Edition

The newest Bugatti model unveils itself as the Chiron Super Sport ’57 One of One.’ Taking cues from one of the most sought-after cars ever-created, this automobile resembles the incomparable Type 57 SC Atlantic of which just four examples were constructed – with three of these ultimately preserved. This provides it with iconic distinction, and furthermore, positions it among the scant few automobiles to stand the test of time.

It’s not nearly as unusual as this ultra-exclusive variant, yet is surely much more meaningful. The most recent special edition from Bugatti’s workshop is composed on the basis of the Chiron Super Sport, and porports its family heritage through a selection of custom characteristics – probably the most recognizable being the traditional grille.

Bugatti’s Sur Mesure division undertook the crafting of the car, featuring a grille which is a tribute to the original. It has polished vertical lines, and a wider central rib which nostalgically fits the vehicle yet still looks spot-on. Although, we would have liked for the base intake to be finished off with a chrome or gloss mesh to make it appear more seamless. It appears that Bugatti felt as though the current approach further underscores their emblematic horseshoe.

A refined chrome and blue coating graces the wheels, plus a hand-rendered silhouette of the Atlantic has been designed on the bottom of the rear wing, an undeniable allusion to its predecessor’s lustrous paintwork.

Within the interior of the vehicle, Gaucho leather was opted for and further embellished with hand-embroidered designs representing Rembrandt’s iconic ‘Dancing Elephant’ on the headrests and a shape that represented the Atlantic Ocean on the doors. Contrast was added via Lightning Blue stitching detailed with both signature logos of Rembrandt and Jean Bugatti – the one who birthed the SC Atlantic Used Car.

An unnamed customer, who has held a special place in her heart for the Type 57 for the past 20 years, was the inspiration for this commission. “I recall that day as if it were yesterday,” she said. “I visited the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, and there it was, one of only three cars still standing, all alone on a pedestal. I was smitten with it the instant I saw it.”

Her spouse initiated the process when providing her with an invitation from Bugatti, captivating her to customize a Chiron Super Sport. This was an unexpected present for her 70th birthday, and over a twelve-month period the vision came into fruition. We relish the ultimate outcome, and according to Bugatti this could one day qualify for Concours d’Elegance events, yet for now, it serves as a continuous reminder of a remarkable moment in someone passionate about cars.

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