Sleek ‘Red Dragon’ Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: Striking Red-Tinted Carbon Fiber Design

Elegant item headed to Singapore’s affluent buyer.

Bugatti has recently unveiled its newest customization of the Chiron Super Sport, and it is truly remarkable. This superb hypercar is named the ‘Red Dragon’ and boasts a breathtaking red carbon fiber exterior, showcasing Bugatti’s commitment to precision and attention to detail.

The stunning appearance of the Red Dragon is enhanced by the understated Nocturne exterior accents, while the lightweight five-spoke wheels in black perfectly complement the subtle Super Sport stripes and discreetly cover the bold red brake calipers.

In the interior, the seats and door panels are a crisp Blanc color, complemented by meticulously handcrafted Hot Spur accents and luxurious Beluga Black carpets. These elements harmoniously blend with the dash and door tops, resulting in a stunningly dynamic contrast.

Bugatti has once again embraced the use of red-tinted carbon fiber, as seen previously in last year’s Pur Sport Grand Prix unveiling.

The incorporated headrests exhibit distinct ‘Chiron Super Sport’ stitching, while the rear-view mirror has been color-coordinated with the outer shade. Overall, we believe it is among the most exquisite Super Sports we have encountered, and there have been some astounding ones in recent times, including the most customized vehicle ever produced by Bugatti.

Although the engine casing may feature a unique design, the internal workings remain the same with the tried and tested 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo engine churning out an astonishing 1,578 horsepower and a tire-wrecking 1,180 lb-ft of torque. The elongated rear end, stretching 9.84 inches longer than the standard Chiron, plays a crucial role in enhancing stability at high velocities, reducing aerodynamic drag by 40%. This translates to a top speed of 273 mph for the Super Sport model.

In scenarios such as this, clients collaborate with the Sur Mesure division to tailor their vehicles to their specific preferences. A wealthy pair even took it a step further by ordering matching Super Sports, but those who have yet to participate can no longer do so, as all Chirons have been reserved.

If you’re not very particular, you may consider purchasing a secondhand model instead. Recently, we shared information about a more exclusive Super Sport 300+ car that was expected to fetch up to $5.5 million at auction. Bugatti has announced that only 80 Super Sports will be made, with the production of the Super Sport 300+ being capped at 30 vehicles.

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