Buggy Race: Miata vs K-Swapped Sandrail

Proven: Drag Racing’s Power-to-Weight Ratio

Subsequent to Hoonigan’s off-road drag match between a geary Ram 1500 TRX and a Polaris Ranger Northstar, they return with featherweight contenders. This time we have a lightweight Mazda MX-5 Miata in buggy form going up against an off-road adept Sandrail with a Honda K-series engine.

It’s safe to say that the result of this drag race could be foreseen just by looking at the specs. The Sandrail holds a clear advantage with its power-to-weight ratio of 0.135, so we’re putting our money on it. In comparison, the MX-5 Miata “Buddy” only has a power-to-weight ratio of 0.051.

K-Swapped Sandrail vs “Buddy” the Off-Road Miata // THIS vs THAT Off-Road

Powering the Sandrail is a K24A engine from Honda’s dependable K-series range. Although there is no exact power figure mentioned, it is reported to generate over 130 wheel horsepower, surpassing the Miata’s 1.8L supercharged engine. This is a purported 30% raise due to the Jackson Racing supercharger.

In contrast to its opponent, the Miata bears an advantage with its suspension. It is equipped with a Fox 2.0 set up at the back, along with Koni shocks at the fore, granting it an eight-inch travel experience. On the other hand, the Sandrail endures a stock torsion bar independent suspension, which is reported to permit only a six-inch range of motion.

The highlight specs of the Mazda Miata include a factory-installed five-speed manual transmission, improved radiator mechanism,., and Bassett rims on BFGoodrich tyres. On the flip side, for the Sandrail, it features 33-inch Tensor tyres with BTR wheels, disc brakes, PRP seating and restraints.

In the initial round of the off-road drag race, the “Honda” Sandrail had a clear power-to-weight advantage, leading to its victory. Knowing that the Miata wouldn’t win, the Hoonigan team gave the Mazda driver a head start. The driver pushed hard and, luckily, it paid off with a win. For the last race, the Miata got the hit, beginning the race ahead of the Sandrail. However, the Sandrail’s advantage was too great for the Miata to overcome, and it won the final race.

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