BYD Unveils European Debut of Bold Denza Minivan with New Brand Presence

Seven-seat Layout in Plug-In Hybrid and EV Versions Available Now!

The 2024 Geneva Motor Show is set to begin today, and although many global brands are absent, there are several European premieres to look forward to. A standout at the event is the D9 minivan, which introduces Denza to the European market. If the name doesn’t immediately register, it’s a collaboration between Chinese automaker BYD and Mercedes, established in 2010. Originally a 50:50 partnership, Mercedes decreased its ownership to 10 percent during Denza’s restructuring process in 2021.

BYD is leading the charge for Denza’s presence in Europe with the introduction of their D9, a spacious vehicle designed for transporting people and equipped with a luxurious interior that can rival the elegant minivan, Lexus LM. Although not completely fresh in its design, as it was first launched in China in 2022, the European version offers the option of a plug-in hybrid or a fully electric model, similarly to its counterpart in the People’s Republic.

The family-friendly three-row vehicle boasts a square structure, spacious electrically-operated sliding doors, a generous amount of windows, and two distinct front grille options that may divide opinion. Its commanding front end is as eye-catching as other recently released minivans such as the Volvo EM90 / Zeekr 009 and the Toyota Alphard / Vellfire twins. The boxy shape with its almost flat roofline optimizes interior room, complemented by a generously sized panoramic sunroof that adds to the open and airy atmosphere inside.

As the D9 is being unveiled at the Geneva expo, Denza refrains from divulging its technical details at this time. Yet, a quick glance at the Chinese edition will reveal all the necessary figures. The car measures 206.7 in (5,250 mm) in length, 77.2 in (1,960 mm) in width, and stands at 75.6 in (1,920 mm) tall, with an impressive wheelbase of 122.4 in (3,110 mm).

In an effort to sway you from splurging on a high-end SUV, Denza has crafted the D9 with a luxurious interior featuring sumptuous leather throughout. The seating arrangement consists of two up front and three in the back, all of which can be adjusted and folded for optimal convenience. To top it off, the seats also come equipped with ventilation and massage capabilities. In addition to the standard dual screens at the front, there are additional displays integrated into the armrests of the second-row seats for easy management of various functions.

Furthermore, the vehicle boasts a backseat entertainment setup equipped with two displays and a compact refrigerator capable of storing up to six bottles. The second row captain’s chairs have the ability to slide forwards and backwards, providing ample leg space for passengers. Additionally, the B-pillars feature grab handles which facilitate entering and exiting the car. Even the third-row seats are equipped with USB ports and a central armrest, as well as LED ambient lighting and speakers from the top-of-the-line Dynaudio sound system.

Although Denza has yet to reveal the specifics of its European models, the company’s D9 currently on sale in China offers a plug-in hybrid option powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. This particular version of the car is offered with both front-wheel and all-wheel drive, as well as the choice between a 20.39-kWh battery and a larger 40.06-kWh battery pack.

The internal combustion engine delivers a formidable output of 137 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque (equivalent to 231 Newton-meters). Likewise, the front-mounted motor performs well with a rating of 228 hp and 251 lb-ft (340 Nm). Opting for the all-wheel-drive version also grants access to a rear-mounted motor that churns out an additional 60 hp and 81 lb-ft (110 Nm). When these forces combine, the FWD model boasts a total output of 296 hp and 421 lb-ft (571 Nm), allowing for a rather decent acceleration time of 9.5 seconds to reach 62 mph. However, upgrading to AWD models brings about significant upgrades in power, with a whopping 401 hp and 502 lb-ft (681 Nm) at your disposal. This results in an impressive sprint time of just 7.9 seconds.

The Denza D9 electric car model is available in China with a selection of either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Both options feature a 308 horsepower front motor and 266 lb-ft (360 Nm) of torque. Opting for the AWD version adds a rear motor that generates 60 hp and 81 lb-ft (110 Nm), resulting in a total output of 369 hp and 347 lb-ft (470 Nm). The FWD variant has a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 9.5 seconds, but the AWD option can complete it in just 6.9 seconds. Both versions come equipped with a 103.4-kilowatt-hour LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery pack.

When it comes to distance, it’s important to note the stark contrast between the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC) and the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) utilized in Europe. The Denza D9 electric car, which operates with front-wheel drive, boasts a range of 385 miles (620 kilometers), while its all-wheel-drive variation can go up to 373 miles (600 kilometers). With a maximum charging capacity of 166 kilowatts, just 15 minutes of charging can provide a driving range of 143 miles (230 kilometers).

The 2024 Geneva Motor Show will not only feature Denza’s D9, but also BYD’s sub-brand’s latest offering: the N7 all-electric vehicle. This sleek SUV can seat up to five passengers and comes equipped with a convenient height-adjustable air suspension, a panoramic sunroof, and an impressive maximum driving range of 354 miles (570 kilometers). With its powerful 230-kW charging capabilities, the N7 can quickly replenish its battery from 30% to 80% in just 20 minutes.

Denza is set to make its debut in the European market towards the conclusion of this year.

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