Cadillac Lyriq V-Series Revealed Online

Luxury Brand Mulling V-Series Lyriq.

Cadillac has set the stage for the 2023 model year with their first ever battery electric vehicle, the Lyriq. Although there’s no confirmation on whether a V-Series model will be available, the brand’s accessories website has provided some clues as to its possible emergence.

Only a short time ago, the site for Cadillac parts had demonstrated V as one of the trim levels accessible for the 2024 Lyriq. As can be seen in the first screenshot beneath, the said alternative was featured in the dropdown menu; the other image demonstrates the extras available for this mooted Lyriq V-Series variant. Interestingly, by the time of publication, the previously mentioned V trim choice in the menu had already been taken away.

We reached out to Cadillac for a statement regarding this revelation. A representative stated that it “must have been an error with our accessories team.” Nonetheless, the representative declined to provide any comment on whether a more powerful Cadillac Lyriq is in the works.

“For what it’s worth, Cadillac has never turned away from the potential of a Lyriq V-Series,” said Rory Harvey, Global Vice President of Cadillac, during a virtual interview in 2021. “It’s something that we are currently assessing and could be in the works.”

“If you have taken a look at Cadillac in the past, sporty variants have been a part of our heritage… and this is something that we are evaluating and considering for the future,” said Harvey. He went on to explain that they have their eyes open to any opportunities that may arise, and that they are always looking for ways to expand the Cadillac family. He also noted that they are committed to providing customers with vehicles that are both stylish and performance-oriented. With that in mind, it’s clear that Cadillac is looking to further explore the idea of offering more sporty models in the future.

What might a Lyriq V-Series hold in store? If ever it occurs, how forceful could it be? Taking a gander at the present V-Series portfolio, the CT4-V and CT5-V display a complexity of 325hp and 335hp separately in the beginning models. But the Blackwing versions demonstrate much more strength, with the CT4-V creating 472 horsepower, while the CT5-V is capable of generating 668 hp.

Theoretically, the Cadillac Lyriq V-Series is projected to generate roughly 500 horsepower – provided that it ever comes to fruition.

Source: Cadillac Society

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