GM Looking to Utilize AI Voice Assist in Cars with Ultifi

GM Vehicle Rollout with Ultifi Platform in 2021.

General Motors is contemplating integrating an artificial intelligence vocalization assistant with its Ultifi comprehensive vehicle software system, as the Detroit Free Press has observed. This year we expect to witness Ultifi’s launch on the next generation of electric and more conventional type motors. By utilizing this platform, customers will be able to access automatically a vast range of applications, features, and services for their car seamlessly, thus creating new and unmatched driving stages and affiliating drivers’ digital lives.

The base of the platform is constructed utilizing GM’s cutting-edge electronic design, the Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS), which grants functionality over-the-air, network reachability, cyber safety, and processing speed.

Mary Barra, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors (GM), avowed that artificial intelligence (AI) enabled voice assistant could be integrated into their vehicles. She argued that such technology would permit improved communication between drivers and their cars and make possible progress through software updates over time.

GM hasn’t officially publicised any plans for a voice assistant driven by AI just yet, however their developers are investigating the possibilities. Stuart Fowle, a corporate speaker, reported that GM perceives digital software and services as a priority market, with the aim to have a pioneering role when it comes to the transport industry. The adaptation to a platform based on software for vehicles won’t only bring about evolution in regard to vocal commands, but would also generate cloud-based services, speed up the process of creating software and create more opportunities to foster consumer loyalty.

Regular customers can anticipate seeing multiple updates and have the option to select from a range of over-the-air upgrades and personalization choices. Additionally, they will be able to access and utilize new applications. Through this customization, the ownership experience is completely transformed, as enabled vehicles are equipped with the latest software and capabilities.

Ultifi’s sophisticated cloud-interconnectivity will effortlessly unite the crucial portions of users’ digital worlds, allowing features such as face-scanning to fire up the car motor or liaise with a fully automated home to control the air conditioning. To encourage creativity from external developers, this system has been designed for authorization of third party architects to conceive developments on behalf of GM’s buyers.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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