Callum Skye: EV Off-Roader from F-Type Designer.

Epic Off-Road/Road Car in One Package

Greet Callum Skye – an electrically powered, all-terrain invention masterminded by the talented Ian Callum. This astounding engineer is responsible for other standout vehicles such as Aston Martin DB7, Vanquish and the original Jaguar F-Type.

“The Callum Skye, designed by Callum himself, is a marvel of engineering. Measuring four meters in length (13.1 feet), the vehicle has a sleek exterior design that belies its powerful capabilities. Its lightweight construction gives it an edge when it comes to performance, making it an absolute pleasure to drive. As Callum puts it, ‘Minimal mass, maximum capability – exceptionally usable and an absolute joy to drive.'”

The Skye’s dimensions check out to 159.33 inches in length and 74.8 inches in width, while its desired dry weight shall be 2,535 lbs. One would expect the balance to remain even due to the 50/50 distribution ratio being a focus. So, what about its overall performance?

A 42 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is set to offer a range of 170 miles (likely on the WLTP cycle, given Callum’s transatlantic location), and although the exact horsepower has not been revealed, it is anticipated that the Skye will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds.

As an adventurous driver, we presume this electrical vehicle will energize all four tires, quite probably through two electric motors, though Callum states several variations will be presented, so anticipate some variety in the powertrain. Minimal else has been disclosed, thus let us talk regarding the design.

A standout feature of the Skye doors is their translucent panel, strongly reminiscent of what the McLaren Senna uses; a transparent window giving the driver a better view and helping to avert collisions with other cars. Similarly, the windows will support Skye in skirting around hazards such as rocks and other impediments on the path.

The Callum Skye’s petite dimensions make it perfect for both terrain and urban driving, while the initial pictures suggest that it may well be a highly practical cargo transport also. So what will be the cost of this vehicle, and when can you get to experience it?

“Pricing is still yet to be determined,” said Callum, “but the Skye is currently undergoing a thorough engineering refinement and testing process in both the UK and Europe. We plan to reveal the definitive specifications and various tailored variants for on- and off-road use in spring of 2024.”

It’s predicted that a metropolis-oriented variant, an off-highway-focused version, and a relatively sporty version will be unveiled. The question is whether these offerings will be available in the US or not?

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