60MPH Electric Buggy – 0-60 in 4 Seconds

Staying Within 170 Miles of a Charger

Shortly after leaving Jaguar, Ian Callum set up a discrete auto and product design consultancy known as Callum. The United Kingdom-headquartered company is now broadening its activities with the invention of its first item that was completely configured, designed, and crafted internally. Titled ‘Skye’, the electric all-terrain vehicle has been explained by the organization as a unit that can transport you anywhere and everywhere without releasing any detrimental gases.

Offering a unique 2+2 arrangement inside an posh and completely enclosed cabin, Skye exhibits an urbane and somewhat progressive design language. It is fitted with generous windows for improved visibility and a much roomier interior ambience, and the bottom portions of the doors contain glass panes. The adventure EV measures approximately 157 inches long, possibly signifying its actual in-person appearance is more striking than its initial official pictures.

Measuring four meters in length, the Callum Skye radiates magnificence and sports an exterior look that has been carefully arranged with its features in mind. Bound to outshine any prediction, this elegant vehicle offers a light footprint as well as maximized capacity – rendering it incredibly useful and truly exhilarating to control, to Ian Callum’s words.

The organization guarantees remarkable off-street abilities. Not many technological information have emerged presently, yet the automobile operates on a robust space frame chassis as well as a suspension system emphasizing conquering pathways and other difficult terrain challenges. Callum is also quiet about the powertrain, as all they can reveal for today is that the bug utilizes a 42-kilowatt-hour electric battery pack capable of approximating around 170 miles. The firm swears by an “empty-to-full” top-up in beneath ten minutes.

The Skye’s total mass is purported to be 2,535 pounds (1,150 kilograms) and Callum thinks the 0-60 mph sprint will take less than four seconds. At this time, there are no other performance figures released and based on the data and pictures released so far, it seems Callum hasn’t started road tests yet. Additionally, there is no indication of pricing and availability, with the company simply asking anyone intrigued to sign up on a specialized website.

Source: Callum

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