Car F1 Racer Liam Lawson Gets Down and Dirty with Subaru Forester Resto-Mod Purchase

AlphaTauri F1 Substitue Purchases 2000 Subaru Forester for DIY Project Vehicle

Liam Lawson is a familiar face to many, especially in the world of Formula One. However, what some may not know about this F1 sensation is that he shares a passion for cars with us common folk. Surprisingly enough, his latest project car, a beaten down 2000 Subaru Forester S/tb, is proof of his love for all things cars. He recently shared a video showcasing this car, revealing his customizations including utilizing Ebay coilovers and an Aliexpress blow-off valve.

Only a mere month has passed since Lawson launched his YouTube channel, yet he has already amassed an impressive following of 80,000 subscribers through just six videos. His channel is dedicated to vlogs documenting his life, from his current residence in the United Kingdom to his recent trip to California, and even a glimpse into his hometown in New Zealand. Although he regularly cruises around the streets of England in a fifth-generation Toyota Supra, it was back in his native country where he acquired his beloved Forester.

Project Car Reveal...

The vehicle is truly awe-inspiring in appearance. The paint on the roof has significantly faded over time. It sits low to the ground, with Yellowspeed Racing coilovers keeping it stable. Those familiar with cars can easily spot the Yellowspeed label as an obvious eBay find. Lawson proudly admits that the blow-off valve was bought from Aliexpress, claiming that everything else is “mostly stock” aside from the suspension modifications. This, my friends, is a typical statement from a true car enthusiast. After taking it for a spin, he notes that the exhaust produces a growling sound, but also points out that the car scrapes against every minor bump in the road. He then tries to shift gears and notices excessive looseness, leading him to conclude that the car is not properly in neutral. Do I need to say any more?

It is uncommon to witness a supremely skilled Formula One driver truly relate to us normal folk. Even the more down-to-earth ones do not typically spend their time driving beat-up old cars, although Lewis Hamilton’s escapade of doing donuts in a rented R34 Skyline GT-R was quite noteworthy. In fact, most racing drivers are not particularly passionate about cars, prioritizing achievements such as winning races and championships instead. They are unlikely to understand the satisfaction of owning a rundown vehicle that makes your neighbor instinctively reach for their phone to report you to the homeowners association.

According to Lawson, the car will only be a temporary undertaking. He intends to construct it while staying in New Zealand for two months and then donate it to charity once it’s finished. Nevertheless, this is now a confirmed fact: Lawson is deeply passionate about beat-up cars. Cheers to that.

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