Liam Lawson’s Mean Toyota Supra

More Power Than Stock: As Expected

Liam Lawson, reserve driver in Formula 1, has just taken possession of his newly customized Toyota GR Supra, courtesy of AUTOID. He is absolutely delighted to have it as his own.

The British-headquartered auto-modification outfit delivered the Japanese sports car a singular style that was different to the customary GR Supra. Lawson desired to preserve a JDM aesthetic for the car but with his own distinctive touch.

Moreover, it has 19-inch bronze mag wheels and an APR carbon fiber wing, as well as a set of handmade grilles.Lawson’s Supra offers various accessories on the outside. To start off, its black badges enhance the differentiation of its alluring color – a rich teal – that calls back to TJ Hunt’s Lamborghini Huracan, although similar in hue to Custom Nissan Z Body Kit released at SEMA in 2022. In addition, Lawson has included 19-inch bronze mag wheels and an APR carbon fiber wing, alongside handcrafted grilles.

The sedan boasts vibrant yellow daytime running lamps, a charming testament to its motorsport-oriented assembly.

What Does An F1 Driver Drive? Liam Lawson's Supra Built By AUTOID | Featured in Drive To Survive S6

The sides are from a Japanese brand called Rural, and the rear is from an American company named Grom.In regards to the body kit, it’s a compilation of components from multiple brands. At the front, it’s crafted by Adro, a Korean firm offering an intimidating chin spoiler while at the same time keeping up the graceful silhouette of the Supra. The side skirts are created by Rural of Japan, and the backside, comes from US-based Grom.

Transferring one’s attention to the sides, this Japanese sports auto is seen with a collection of aftermarket side skirts and corner spats from Souven Gifting, which affords it a somewhat toned-down profile. On the rear end of the Supra sits a Street Hunter V2 wing that gracefully sweeps upward, incorporating various end pods which gives it a sporty yet sleek appearance.

Lawson made the option for something special and bespoke from West Forged for the tires. This came from his inspiration to mimic a certain set of rims he had formerly viewed in America on another Supra.

Lawson opted to go for an alternative appearance regarding the rims – a polished aluminum facade in addition to individual aspects, including his dashing quantity on the barrel. The wheels couple up with semi-slick tires for extra traction. Although, Lawson has also professed he might soon swap the wheels out for another set with a gold/bronze palette that would go better with the vehicles paint job.

The powerplant underneath the bonnet of the BMW-made B58 has been customised slightly, yet overall its force is comparatively untouched. Mating this to a specially designed exhaust, a catless downpipe, ram air intake and a two-stage tune with a MHD airstream gives rise to an estimated 450 hp at the wheels. According to Lawson, this results in a highly dynamical sports vehicle.

Lawson’s Supra still isn’t complete. He declared that he intends to make more changes in the future. In spite of this, the machine presently appears terrific, correlating to Lawson’s brief time on the F1 circuit.

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