Catamaran Superyacht: 1920s Style Speed Appeal

Be Gatsby-Chic at the Grand Prix

If you’re a fan of 1920s car design and want to make a statement at the Monaco Grand Prix, or you wish you could live like a Bond villain on the high seas, Andy Waugh Yacht Design has the answer. “Yes, please!”

Named the Decadence, this 80-meter, or 262-foot catamaran concept is inspired by the automotive and aeronautical advancements from the 1920s. It bears a resemblance to an Auburn Speedster or the “Count Trossi” 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK. However, according to the design firm, it “exemplifies the potential of the SWATH hull form,” which is a concept of small-waterplane-area-twin-hull ships.

The design of this catamaran is based on two submerged cylindrical hulls connected to a central body by “stilts” with a small cross-section. This design provides several advantages, such as a 70 percent reduction in pitch and roll movements compared to a traditional yacht, resulting in increased comfort and safety. Additionally, the firm stated that this design offers “unique and exciting aesthetic possibilities yet to be fully realized in the luxury superyacht sector.”

The Decadence yacht features an amazing beam of 30m or 100ft coupled with plenty of room both in and out. With the two sponsons, or outer hulls, allowing for further utility of the ship, crew members or more technical areas could be set up. The designers have put a lot of thought into this project as can be seen in the renderings of it due to features like retractable or inflatable sails which will potentially obtain more wind power. Its primary propulsion system looks to be radical and state-of-the-art too as it can provide energy savings of up to 30%.

The main issue with the design of the Decadence is its wide beam, which makes it hard to maneuver in the tight spaces of many marinas or locate an appropriate berth. Nevertheless, the company insists that the size and steadiness of the SWATH hull “negates the necessity to shelter from adverse weather conditions.” Furthermore, this superyacht has the capability to carry two tenders, measuring up to 45 feet in length, which can be used to transport people and cargo to and from the shore.

Andy Waugh Yacht Design is renowned for creating luxurious vessels that push the limits of the superyacht industry. Nevertheless, their boattail speedster concept ‘Decadence’ could be labelled as their most daring innovation to date. Not only would it constitute an even bolder expression of wealth than exhibiting a Ferrari F40 on your boat during the Monaco Grand Prix, but this design would be a resounding symbol wherever it glided around.

Source: Andy Waugh Yacht Design

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