Cheap Safari-Spec Audi R8 vs Huracan Sterrato

Unique R8 – You Won’t Regret It!

Are you hoping to find a Porsche 911 Dakar or Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato but have financial limitations? Then this adapted Audi R8 Coupe could be the ideal choice for you. Previously, this off-road vehicle had been spotted, and now it is available for purchase on Bring A Trailer.

Generated by Adrenalin Industries, this first-gen R8 has been revamped into a grave off-road SUV. They included beefed-up strut towers, 18 inch white painted Braid beadlock wheels, a two inch suspension raise, and Bilstein coilover shocks for the transformation. The car was further protected by apostillizing its undercarriage with skid plates. To finish up the look, upgrades include installation of a nudge bar with LEDs and an aluminum safari roof rack.

The beadlocked rims are encased in 225/50 Falken Wildpeak all-terrain Trail treads. Behind the racing wheels, one can find cross-drilled and ventilated braking discs with bright yellow calipers.

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This year’s Audi R8 Coupe comes equipped with Ingolstadt’s acclaimed 4.2-liter FSI V8, granting it a total of 430 horses and an astonishing 317 lb-ft of torque. Power is transmitted to all four wheels through the use of a high-performance seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Although it might not have the same sort of clout that the V10 engine exhibits, its 8-cylinder powertrain provides enough punch for your everyday supercar. Upgrades to the engine include K&N air filters, a stainless-steel exhaust system, a Eurowise Performance air intake, and an ECU tune.

This year, the R8 Coupe had an oil sump swap done while the filters and lubricant were substituded prior to the transaction.

Visually, the R8 from Adrenalin Industries grabs your attention with a stunning navy blue paint job and bright white and gray graphics. Adding to its sporting vibe are carbon fiber side blades, while at the back, the bumper has been taken away to provide an impressive view of the exhaust system.

Within the cabin of the R8, not a single change has been made. In this cozy leather-bound oasis, two people can fit comfortably while enjoying luxury amenities such as automatic climate regulation, black upholstery with contrasting red stitching, and a satellite navigation-equipped infotainment system. According to the odometer, the Audi has traversed 56,000 miles with 3,000 more since being acquired by Adrenalin Industries.

The fortunate person who holds the established bid shall have full access to maintenance documents, a pristine Utah title, a Carfax account and also the original owner’s manual and vehicular material. At the moment of this article’s writing, the top offer is at $20,147, significantly less than either a 911 Dakar or Huracan Sterrato. There remain 6 days until the auction comes to an ending, which may project that the cost could amass over the week.

The car has certainly caught the favorable notice of many, and thus, we wouldn’t be stumped if it sells for more than fifty thousand dollars. In spite of its price tag, it would remain more affordable compared to up-to-date equivalents. While the Huracan and 4S are technically identical, Audi opted not to release a crossover model. Subsequently, there will be no opportunity to get a rally-edition R8 model.

Speculation is high that the Audi R8 will be being transitioned to the fully electric Rnext. If the company could build a rugged adaptation incorporating the technology seen in their RS Q e-tron Dakar competitor and S1 Hoonitron, it would be nothing short of spectacular.

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