Check Out: One Man’s Wild S2000s from Japan

Racer-Tuner Sets Outstanding Time Attack Records at Tsukuba

Yusaku Shibata, the Japanese racecar driver as well as a storekeeper, designs possibly the most pristine Honda S2000 builds imaginable. This sports car is renowned for its amazing engine and captivating handling; however, when it is given special attention by Yusaku-san, it becomes even more exceptional.

Yusaka-san has experienced a passion for motorsports since he was small, participating in competitions from an early age. His papa, Akira-san, was also a racer and proprietor. He began the first Arvou in Utsunomiya City in 1985 before transferring to its current site in Nikko City after expanding his connections in-and-out of racing.

Arvou Shop Visit - S2000 Demo Cars and Shop Walkaround

It is with great regret that Akira-san is no longer with us, having passed away at the beginning of an F3000 event (now referred to as Super Formula) in April 1994. However, Yusaka-san has diligently kept his father’s memory alive, taking charge of the store and participating in a range of motor racing series including Super GT and Super Taikyu. The Arvou Motor Sports Service specializes in the construction of Honda S2000s, like this well-known Arvou version.

The sizable Arvou S2000 is distinguished by its voluminous aero package, incorporating a front splitter, canards, side sills and a spoiler. These components are critical in the production of much-needed downforce for registering quick laps in the World Time Attack Challenge series. This vehicle has an F20C motor coupled with an HKS Supercharger which supplies around 450 horses. At Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit, this machine finished with an impressive 53-second lap time.

One of his most devoted consumers, Yoshitaka Iishi, hands over the reins of his S2000 to Yusaka. Dubbed ‘Kimidori’, his car is presently the leader for fastest naturally aspirated S2000 at Tsukuba Circuit, with a record-breaking lap time of 56.855. To provide perspective, this is roughly four seconds quicker than the revered McLaren Senna and Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Excepting the Honda S2000, the Honda tuning specialist attends to Lotus automobiles, including the Elise. The awe-inspiring section is that Yusaka fabricates customer cars single-handedly, thus if you’re aiming to have a specific build crafted, you’d best act quickly. Yusaka is so passionate about the F series motor, that he would be content working with it for the remainder of his existence, and we wish he does precisely that.

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