Twin-Turbo C6 Corvette Takes on Tsukuba Circuit With Wild Drifts

Feras Qartoumy’s Beastly Vette: 1,300HP, Sequential Transmission and Zero Traction Control

The Tsukuba Circuit is a well-known track among motorsports fanatics, largely due to its prominent appearance in popular games such as Forza Motorsports and Gran Turismo. Those who have experienced it virtually can attest to its compact layout that presents a challenging drive. With a blend of lengthy, sweeping bends and difficult hairpin turns, mastering this course is no easy feat.

Put differently, if you have any knowledge of the track, it would be no surprise that a C6 Corvette weighing 2,640 pounds with a 427 cubic-inch, 1,300 horsepower V8 engine and a carbon-kevlar body would be quite challenging to handle. And as it happens, this expectation would be accurate!

In this footage, Feras Qartoumy pushes his World Time Attack-ready C6 through a few test rounds at Tsukuba Circuit. However, he soon realizes that the car’s traction control system is not functioning properly. In the opening minute of the clip, it is evident that the tires are slipping uncontrollably on straightaways while in second gear. This serves as clear proof of how challenging this vehicle is to maneuver. As the laps progress, Qartoumy finds himself sliding sideways out of nearly every turn.

However, even though the tires were only slightly heated, he was able to achieve a remarkably rapid lap time during the shakedown. Upon reviewing the video footage of his second lap, it became apparent that he completed the lap in approximately 54 seconds. This is approximately two seconds shy of the Tsukuba track record for a Formula Three car, an impressive feat considering the Corvette is classified as a production car.

It seems fitting for the ‘Vette. During his participation in Global Time Attack at Circuit of the Americas, Qartoumy posted a respectable 2:03.850 lap time, a significant ten seconds faster than that of a NASCAR cup car. His Instagram reveals that he has established records at 28 different tracks, and it remains to be seen if Tsukuba is next on his list. However, based on his track record, it appears that he has a strong chance of setting a new record there.

Twin Turbo Corvette Laps Tsukuba

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