Check Out the Nifty Rear Quarter Windows of the Rivian R2

Modern SUV with a touch of nostalgia: The Rivian R2’s charmingly classic feature.

Rivian is a fresh addition to the automotive industry, specializing in creating advanced electric vehicles. However, despite their focus on modern technology, they also have a keen interest in classic off-road vehicles. The 2026 R2, their latest model, has a feature that caught our attention: retractable rear quarter windows.

This is certainly not a novel concept. Throughout the history of automobiles, many models have included retractable quarter windows in the rear to enhance ventilation and minimize air pressure inside the vehicle. Such a feature proves especially beneficial in cars lacking air conditioning. However, it has been quite some time since this particular design element has re-emerged in modern vehicles.

According to Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, “We put in a tremendous amount of effort to develop something that offers an incredibly immersive outdoor experience.” Speaking at the R2 reveal event, Scaringe added, “You may have noticed the quarter-windows popping out. This design feature utilizes the negative pressure at the rear of the vehicle to draw in fresh air, resulting in a stunning open-air sensation.”

The R2 boasts a rear glass panel that smoothly transitions into the tailgate. This has been a longstanding characteristic of full-size Jeeps and a defining feature of the Toyota 4Runner, making it a favorable addition. Scaringe explains that this not only adds to the spaciousness of the interior but also serves as a practical feature for transporting longer objects. One can easily envision a couple of surfboards protruding from the back of the R2.

This article exudes a great deal of charm, with subtle nods to the past in a vehicle that embraces the future.

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