Chevy V8 Go-Kart: Power and Nitrous!

LS-Powered Go-Kart: Corvette C5 Death Trap?

Were it not for our informing you, we question whether one could surmise that this race car trace its origins from a Chevrolet Corvette.

Birthed from a ’98 Corvette C5 Convertible, once labeled a bargain performance automobile, the go-kart has undergone extensive renovations; crafted aluminum framework, steering apparatus, frontal crash bars and roll bar all added. There’s not a single frame element of the original Corvettte still existent, leaving us to ponder what remains recognizable.

Positioned towards the rear of this formidable build lies a powerhouse 6.0-liter GM Performance LS V8, churning out 400 ponies right out of the factory. Some modifications to the engine have been made such as an installation of LS3 cylinder heads, FAST LSXHR air intake and a Nick Williams 103mm Performance throttle body.

Undoubtedly, this go-kart is furnished with the much admired Nitrous Express system – most applicable on straightaways when competing in a kart race. It remains unknown how the vehicle would respond to a spurt of nitrous; nonetheless, the striking 3D-printed carbon fibre wings situated on the frontal and rear exteriors should assist in keeping it attached to the terrain. The drivetrain transmits energy to the back tyres through a four-speed automated transmission.

Rather than the minuscule wheels normally observed in many go-karts, this vehicle for sale is equipped with a grouping of eighteen-inch Weld wheels. Ensuring safe operation, it has also been augmented with a Wilwood booster brake as well as an aftermarket coilover suspension. Inside the car there is a Corbeau seat, Momo steering wheel and a four-point harness.

Furthermore, this build is supplemented with a custom LS alternator accessorial drive, an 8:1 stainless steel exhaust assembly, as well as a cooling system. Moreover, a 4.10:1 limited-slip differential, Terminator X Max motor and transmission command, and a bespoke wiring harness are all present.

In regards to go-karts, this might be one of the meanest (and most frightful) machines we have come across – and you can make it yours if you hurry, as it is featured on Cars & Bids.

The seller pointed out that the car had “minor to moderate” damage when it collided with a concrete barrier in May 2018. Additionally, there are scratches on the underside of the front wing. The exact mileage of the vehicle is not known. It’s important to note that this vehicle is not suitable for the road, and the lack of a catalytic converter could mean that it would not pass an emissions test in certain states.

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