China Unveils 2021 EV: 621 Mile Range, 5 Min. Charge

EV Range Supremacy: Blowing Away the Competition.

The pioneering Chinese technology enterprise, Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL), declared on Monday that its freshly-developed electric car platform can drive for 621 miles at a time; it is even possible to gain a remarkable 186 miles of fuel simply by connecting the car to an electric charge source only over a span of merely five minutes.

The CATL Integrated Intelligent Chassis (CIIC) takes a skateboard model and incorporates batteries, electronic motors, a suspension setup, as well as assorted other components. Verification was done by the proprietors in China and yielded those outcomes.

CATL, though, won’t be selling this skateboard chassis as part of its own Electric Vehicle (EV) line. According to Car News China, the building of this came about via an arrangement with Chinese EV maker Hozon Auto, who incidentally controls the Neta electric car label.

The report affirmed that both corporations will implement a fresh CIIC-based design in the third quarter of 2024. While it’s uncertain now precisely what this is, it may form the backbone of the manufacturing version of the Eureka 03 concept which was developed to oppose the Tesla Model 3 in China.

The Centre for Intelligent & Connected Vehicles (CIIC) has achieved a range of 621 miles with 75% battery pack efficiency. However, a drop to 19 degrees Fahrenheit can cause this to reduce by almost a third. The reports confirm the platform was tested in frigid climates in northern China, failing to mention what scorching temperatures may do to similarly hinder the range, like those experienced with Tesla cars.

It should be noted that the latest estimates from CATL’s chief scientist, Wu Kai, are yet to be confirmed by an independent source. Nevertheless, if those specifications translate into genuine world applications, this could surpass the maximum range of current best-in-class long range EVs, headed up by the Lucid Air Grand Touring at 516 miles.

The CIIC’s expansive spectrum enables it to house different body shells, due to its customizable length and built-in skateboard platform.

It appears highly improbable to witness the CIIC in operation on US market transport. Notwithstanding this, Ford proceeded to conclude a contract with CATL to construct a $3.5 billion battery plant located in Michigan.

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