Chinese Military SUV with Optional Drone – $14K

Do the Crab Walk Easily!
Turns Out China Makes The Most American SUV!

Dongfeng, which is a Chinese state-owned vehicle manufacturer created in 1969, doesn’t have much of a presence in America. Unfortunately, they don’t have a single car available for sale in the US at the moment. But, we believe that the M-Hero 917 could be the perfect model to fill the demand for SUVs. It essentially could be considered as the younger, even more dangerous, sibling to the GMC Hummer.

It is worth providing some initial information. The brand M-Hero (the Chinese term for this translates to ‘fierce warrior’) belongs to Dongfeng and the most advanced model is the 917. Last year, it was launched, however it took some months before the Chinese authorities gave permission for its manufacture. Finally, in April 2021, production began and the Wheelsboy team had the chance to capture footage of the vehicle.

From the exterior, the 917 has seemingly been assembled with a craft knife – not a single bend may be viewed on the body. The blackish flat finish and well-protected grille give it an almost militaristic edge. While that’s indeed not true, it’s essential to recognize that the SUV is mounted on a body-on-frame build and houses a potent engine beneath the hood.

M-Hero, on the Chinese market, provides two powertrain choices for its off-roader. The initial one contains a completely electric system with four engines and amazingly vast 140kw/h NMC battery. In the video at the highest point of this article, the showcased vehicle was equipped with a range-extender hybrid system, comprising a 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder utilized as an alternator. This feeds a 66-kw/h battery pack and three electric motors, summoning a total output of 816 horsepower. Consequently, this assists in attaining 0-62 mph in a remarkable six seconds!

No number can measure up to what the 917’s has to offer in terms of quality and additional features. Its doors come with striking handles reminiscent of a Desert Eagle gun. For an even more realistic aircraft-like experience, the central console’s two levers act as the machine’s transmission shifting mechanism and driving mode adjuster. Moreover, the dashboard contains three separate monitors – the digital gauge cluster, navigational display, and infotainment for passengers.

The highlight undoubtedly has to be the optional aerial equipment package, which retails for $14,000 and comes with a drone that can be directed through voice control from within the vehicle. Not to mention, the switchable rear steering system grants this SUV the wondrous ability to carry out the famed crab walk technique. Watch the video for further revelation.

Source: Wheelsboy on YouTube

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