Chinese Tesla Model 3 Competes With Ferrari Purosangue for Design Award

We Know It’s Stylish

The Jiyue 07 has been awarded prestigious design awards from Red Dot and iF Design, giving it bragging rights over the Tesla Model 3. This was announced on a Weibo post which highlighted the EV’s “robot aesthetics.” It is clear that the Jiyue 07 has set the bar high in terms of design and innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the Jidu Robo-02 concept car, the Jiyue 07 is an electrical midsize liftback constructed atop the Geely-created SEA architecture; the same fundamentals that furnish the Polestar 4 and Lotus Emeya. This revolutionary cooperation has been facilitated by the collaboration between Geely and Baidu, a tech enterprise sometimes referred to as China’s answer to Google.

Nevertheless, let’s turn our attention to the appearance of this product. Making sure to sufficiently reword and change the syntax, a comprehensive review has been conducted to confirm its aesthetically pleasing nature.

The 07 boasts a profile silhouette akin to the Model 3 opponent, with sculptured curves of the bodyfinishes inspiring an aesthetically striking effect. It is accentuated by a two-tone, turbine-style wheel peripheral of five spokes.

At the front of the EV, an eye-catching headlight cluster is designed which draws on cues from the highly anticipated Volvo EX90, a top-tier full-sized electric car slated to arrive in America during the first months of 2024. Moreover, a broad LED tail light emblazoned with markings clearly reminiscent of Volvo’s iconic Thor’s Hammer graces the car’s rear.

The Jiyue 07 is amongst the 16 successful products listed by Red Dot whose collection contains the Ferrari Purosangue, the Genesis G90, and the most contemporary edition of Toyota Prius.

Regarding the features, the common version uses one 268-horsepower electronic engine and a construction of 71.4 kWh, and the 4WD edition offers elevated performance with 536 horsepower and a 100-kWh battery. The electric car also integrates an autonomous system powered by Baidu’s resources.

The Jiyue 07 is anticipated to be released in the Chinese markets midway through 2024.

Presently, Geely is pushing at full steam and the Chinese manufacturer’s impact looks set to be felt across the world. After all, Geely holds numerous high-profile marques, ranging from Volvo, Lotus and Polestar to their dramatic capacity in Aston Martin acquired through a 17% sponsorship penned earlier this year; a move that makes them the British supercar manufacturer’s third most prominent investor.

Nonetheless, one would not probably be anxious in regards to the augmenting Chinese electric automobiles – at least not suddenly. US policymakers are engaging steps to stop them from intruding the domestic industry.

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