Polestar 2: $51,300 Starting Aug. 2024

2024 Polestar 2: More Costly, More Powerful.

Polestar unveiled the US pricing and availability for the revamped 2024 Polestar 2, which features striking modifications, more range, improved engines, advanced performance, along with additional standard offerings.

The Polestar 2 Long-Range Single Motor, beginning at $51,300 including a $1,400 delivery charge, is more costly than the former edition by a mark of $1,500 for the RWD option and a bigger upcharge of $3,400 for the AWD variant. Despite this, plenty of advancements are rewarded for the price.

As the Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge demonstrate, both iterations of the Polestar 2 come with sophisticated electric motors and inverters boasting greater productivity and strength.

The single motor edition is currently rear wheel drive with a reengineered permanent magnet engine and silicon carbide converter. This upgraded motor brings out 295hp (220 kW) and a maximum torque of 361 lb-ft (489 Nm).

Representing huge jumps of 68 hp (50 kW) and 118 lb-ft (160 Nm), the current Polestar 2 Single Motor outperforms those before it. This is exemplified in its capability to achieve 0-60 mph in only 5.9 seconds, reducing the previous time by 1.1 seconds.

The powerful rear-wheel drive Polestar 2 boasts a recently upgraded 82 kWh battery which has enabled an estimated range of 320 miles, as talled by the EPA, representing a rise of 50 miles when compared to earlier models.

Shifting attention to the 2024 Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor, performance improvements are also on the cards in the shape of two electric motors that bring more power, torque, and a rear-drive inclination. The dual motor variant embraces the latest back motor as it main driving source, with the front axle being bolstered by a fresh asynchronous engine.

In conjunction, the engines generate 415 horsepower (310 kW) and 546 pound-foot (739 Nm) – eclipsing the initial 402 horsepower (300 kW) and 487 pound-foot (659 Nm). This is purported to produce a marked increase in traction, superior overall efficacy, and an uptick in performance. As a case in point, the 0-60 mph is now covered in 4.3 seconds.

The EPA’s assessed range augments to 276 miles, a jump of 16 miles, despite the persistent 78-kWh battery displayed in its predecessor. To guarantee efficiency, the front motor can now be switched off fully when not being used and re-energized when the driver necessitates more power.

Furthermore, the 2024 Polestar 2 has also seen advancements in charge speed capabilities with a top rate of 205 kW DC energy being viable solely for the Single Motor edition while the Dual Motor stays restricted to 155 kW because of the 78-kWh package.

All models are endowed with heightened standard elements, featuring a Blind Spot Detection System equipped with steer support, Cross Traffic Notice and brake assistance, park aid sensors, all-around cameras, as well as auto-dimming side mirrors.

Additionally, the Long Range Dual Motor Polestar 2 is now provided with the Pilot Pack as a standard feature, previously an offer of $3,400. This encompasses several driver assistance benefits, such as Pilot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Stop Assist, Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation, plus LED front fog lights conniving function.

In the United States, Polestar will start distributing goods to customers starting in August.

Source: Polestar

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