Chris Forsberg Revives Drift Taxi.

Modernizing a Drifting Relic.

Renowned professional motorsport racer and drifter, Chris Forsberg, who previously constructed an astonishing 2,000-horsepower Nissan Altima drift automobile, is presently restoring the original ‘drift taxi.’ This amazing journey has been around for over ten years, furnishing exhilarating ride experiences to up to four passengers as they drift sideways.

Beneath the exterior of this fancy taxi lies an Infiniti M, once known as the Q70 before it sadly got discontinued. What’s even more impressive is that Lurking beneath the hood is a massive Nissan VK56 V8 swap from the classic Nissan Titan. How sweet does that sound? Regrettably, according to Forsberg, the engine has been neglected for a number of years and it is being restored so that it can experience some high-octane activity at Apple Valley Speedway.

Reviving The Worlds First Drift Taxi! | VK56 swapped Infiniti M

At the start of the video, the drifter and proprietor of the vehicle declares that its engine has been freshly rebuilt. Unfortunately, the onboard electronics were not compatible with the new engine. To resolve this, Forsberg and his team installed a new Link engine harness that will be used alongside the Hartstock ECU. This ECU replaces the old “Big Stuff 3” fuel injection computer – an outdated product from 2009.

Nonetheless, it isn’t quite so simple. To ensure integration with the latest ECU, they needed to equip the vehicle with several new sensors. This includes those for each joinder, injector, and bobbin. As an additional boost, fresh NGK spark bolts were fitted.

Once upon a past, this drift ride produced around 500 horsepower. With the fresh ECU that permits for finer calibrations, we anticipate this terrific vehicle could be capable of greater feats.

Towards the end, Forsberg & co. were unsuccessful in getting the car to start as being a result of a fuel pump relay predicament. The drifter took their time with this piece of antique drifting background in order to make sure it gets a good tune. It’s our wish that we get to observe the delightfully doing its thing on the dyno, also, even better, see it drift away sideways on the track as soon as possible.

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